Tactical monitoring Robots

At SuperDroid Robots we provide a wide range of tactical, surveillance, negotiation, HAZMAT, and Explosive Ordnance disposal (EOD) robots. Ours specialty is being able come inexpensively customize any type of of our robots to fit your details needs and budget! us can likewise build completely custom robots native scratch! speak to us or use our contact form to asking us any kind of questions you may have.

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These pages are intended to assist you come to be familiar through our commodities that fit particular applications. We develop all our robots to order. Due to the fact that we design, build, test, and also support all our robots at our basic in north Carolina, USA, customization is fast and NOT expensive. Us offer many standard robots, every one of which have the right to be customized with alternatives to fulfill your budget and also needs.


Remote Surveillance

We offer numerous different surveillance choices with ours UGVs (Unmanned ground Vehicles). We have actually a wide selection of cameras and also pan and tilt systems. These enable operators to observe situations from a for sure distance. You can view those camera feeds v our Operator manage Units (OCUs). The complying with are camera and OCU systems we have deployed

IR LED cameras for full darkness observation.27X optical zoom cameras v low light vision. High intensity LED lamp to permit the robot to see everything.Thermal imaging or Forward-Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) cameras can are easily accessible on request.Camera Pan and Tilts to relocate a camera around and quickly evaluate a situation.A variety of cameras on the robot permit an operator to observe their surroundings v ease.3D monitoring is feasible with installable camera lifts.1-Way audio systems, so you will have eyes and ears. 2-way audio will allow you to have actually a voice via the robot"s PA.Secondary Monitors enable command outpost stations a set of eyes and also ears. Or usage the an additional monitoring terminal for number of entry teams!Repeaters for our digital radios allowing you to expand the robots operating range. This repeaters also improve the signal"s capability to pass through obstructions prefer steel or concrete.
Fast Situational Awareness - The UGVs will do persistent observation! our robots can investigate limit spaces, offering quick and reliable situational awareness. Castle can likewise watch entry or leave points.Remote Room Clearance - Operators can clear rooms, buildings, tunnels, and also more. Remote monitoring through video and audio feeds permit for quick case assessment! our UGV"s room compact, lightweight, and easy to deploy!Covert Surveillance - Covert and also safe entry into hazardous situations. Right for SWAT, very first responders, legislation enforcement, homeland security, customs, and also more!
Search Hostage and Barricaded Subjects - Remotely search houses, apartments, schools, etc. Using the UGVs for find of barricaded topics or hostages maintaining officers safe. Use the UGVs because that Bomb Squad, EOD, Police, Security, far Surveillance, doubt investigation, SWAT, and tactical purposes.Climbing stairs and also obstacles - our Tracked UGVs have the right to climb over many obstacles and go up and down stairs that frequently stop other robots.Entry into an overwhelming areas - all of our rolled tactical UGVs room 4WD robots, providing very quick response. They have the capability to navigate obstacles quickly and also effectively.

UM4 "Retriever"

It functions a camera/video system, control system, and charging station. The robot is really portable as it weighs only 14.5 lbs. Each of its four wheels are moved by live independence high-rpm equipment motors. These robots room amazingly agile, discrete, and also incredibly tough. The mechanism comes with whatever you must go to work, whether it’s inspecting to crawl spaces under houses or offering a very first line of defense in tactical situations. The built in infra-red camera permits you to see in full darkness when under regular light it is a high quality color picture.


LT2-F "Bloodhound"

The LT2 and also LT2-F Tactical security Robot room our ideal selling tactical robots. They room a perfect balance of size, speed, weight, mobility/maneuvrability, and also capability. The LT2-F to be qualified throughout a series of NIST tests.

The LT2 is qualified of climbing family stairs and also obstacles. The LT2-F contains rear flipper/stabilizer arms, which are used to elevator the robot"s sleep onto high obstacles. They also act as a stabilizer to protect against roll over on steep pitches. Through the behind Flipper/Stabilizer eight the LT2-F is qualified of climbing aggressive stairs and obstacles.

VIEW LT2-F Bloodhound

HD2-S "Doberman"

The HD2-S features a tracked architecture that allows it to rise over most obstacles including stairs. It features an optional 27x 360 level Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera assembly v high strength LED lights enabling you to view in any kind of direction and also in almost any bright situation. The huge Heavy Duty Robot will push, pull, or plow over huge objects and also climb end virtually any type of obstacle during remote surveillance. The large aggressive tracks enable you to quickly climb stairs and also drive end obstacles. Lot of cameras and Operator regulate Units (OCUs) are obtainable for control and observation. Accessible 2-way Audio provides hostage negotiation a breeze. The entire package is developed, designed, built, configured, tested, and supported through SuperDroid Robots in NC USA.

VIEW HD2-S Doberman

LT2-F "Bulldog"

The LT2 and also LT2-F Tactical security Robot space our ideal selling tactical robots. The LT2-F to be qualified during a collection of NIST tests. The tracked robot is perfect balance of speed, power, size, weight, and mobility. V all the functions of the LT2-F Bulldog, the enhancement of a removable 4-Axis arm renders it an even much more versatile tool.

The removable 4-axis arm makes this robot the most versatile tool for clearing rooms, removing suspiciously packages, remote surveillance, etc. The eight can quickly be included or removed for various missions and also clearance requirements. V the eight removed, the is an excellent for steering under cars, beds, etc. V the eight installed, the robot is great for opened doors, moving and also inspecting suspiciously packages, etc. Protective storage and transport crates are also available.

VIEW LT2-F Bulldog

HD2-S Mastiff

The HD2-S attributes a tracked architecture that enables it to climb over many obstacles including stairs. It attributes an optional 27x 360 level Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera assembly v high strength LED lights to allow you to see in any direction and also in virtually any bright situation. Through all the attributes of the HD2=S Doberman, the addition of a multi-axis arm provides this robot even an ext versatile.

The multi-axis arm allows the operator to open doors, offers assistance in scaling obstacles, moving debris, inspecting suspiciously items, and Explosive Ordnance handle (EOD) at a for sure distance. The solid arm is qualified of lifting 20 lbs. When it is completely extended. With the available fifth axis the arm deserve to rotate 360+ levels at the base making the a really versatile tool.

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VIEW HD2-S Mastiff
SDR Tactical

For end 25 year SuperDroid Robots has actually designed and built numerous robots. Ours robots space affordable, simple to operate, and also built for durability. A team of professional engineers, designers, and also mechanics are ready to satisfy your needs.