Place the Droid Maxx confront up ~ above a soft flat plastic surface ar with lot of of space to place your tools and small parts that the equipment.

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With your cost-free hand, take the Spudger and insert it between the top gap, closest to the screen, of the volume buttons and the Droid Maxx case.

Using the flat part of the Spudger’s Tip and pressing firmly versus the Droid Maxx instance until friend hear a “snap” sound


Tilt the Droid Maxx in the direction of your appropriate so you deserve to see the sheet of the rubber earlier case and also keep this position.

Take the Spudger and also press the tip against the an are between the rubber case and the Droid Maxx frame. Slide the Spudger’s edge follow me the surface until friend hear a “snap” sound.

Work your method to the peak of the Droid Maxx with the Spudger and also use her holding hand’s fingers as support while you eliminate the upper component of the rubber earlier case. Turn the Droid Maxx come facilitate your motion if necessary. Do not go follow me the bottom to eliminate the case.

Once the top part of the instance is separated native the frame, fixed the bottom component of the rubber situation with her finger and slide the instance down to remove it completely.

Take the Torx T5 Screwdriver and carefully eliminate all the screws in the Droid Maxx’s motherboard. Note that there is a complete of eight (11) black color screws spread across the motherboard, 4 (4) in ~ the top and four (4) in ~ the bottom, and also two (2) silver screws located to the right lower component of the Droid Maxx.

Now you are all set! these steps along with images must serve as guide to disassemble your Motorola Droid Maxx in a for sure manner. The adhering to guides will indicate exactly how to replace components of her Droid Maxx such together the camera or battery.

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Don\"t stroked nerves trying to remove the battery on the Droid Maxx, it\"s not feasible without destroying the whole phone.

I spent 2 hours closely tearing it apart trying to get to the battery just to find out the entire thing is made the end of an extremely thin great of some type of product wrapped in a thin sheet. The motherboard is physically attached come the battery layers. Its design this method to do battery removable/ replacement close to impossible.

I agree. I obtained the point disassembled, also though it to be a much tougher job than is suggested here, yet I am finding it impossible to reassemble the phone. The Verizon keep would not also look in ~ repairing it, and also says the battery is \"not replaceable.\" i may have the ability to get this mess resolved elsewhere, yet if no I have ruined my phone by complying with these instructions.

I have the same issue as the previous comments. I complied with these instructions and also now mine phone cannot make or receive phone calls. I would certainly not recommend attempting to change the battery on your droid maxx.

through tedious and pain staking effort, Battery is replaced. At very first it didn\"t work and also had to open up it up again. I found the huge connector come the screen wasn\"t in every the way. In retrospect the wasn\"t that bad.

I have done this for my phone and it wasn\"t bad. IF you have actually some suffer working with small electronics and also IF friend take your time and use common sense, it\"s a basic thing. Previous world in comment must have thought it would certainly be as basic as transforming batteries in TV remote. This fix does not need the usage of a soldering iron but...... If the is out of your ability set, then this is too.

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