Traveling in between San Francisco come Los Angeles is a 381.1 mile trek that thousands of folks perform on the weekly. While constant commuters have their desired methods of transportation down pat, those of united state who fight the roadway for the holidays have more than simply airlines to made decision between. Below are the best options to flying:

Zim Ride

Zim drive is a ridesharing service where you can sign up as a driver or choose to be a passenger. Payment is done in the form of donations, yet the typical price because that a one-way expedition starts in ~ $40 every person. Signups go with Facebook, which enables people to examine out the legitimacy of someone’s file who’ll be carpooling with them. The site additionally has a ar for user-generated reviews for each driver. Because that passengers, that an inexpensive way to travel. Because that drivers, the a good way to save on gas money and earn a couple of extra bucks. How it works: plugin your itinerary, rate, and also contact your passenger or driver the choice. Payouts are doled out via PayPal sooner or later after the journey is complete.

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The bus ride native NorCal to SoCal is eight hrs long but Megabus is a wise option if you not right into ridesharing and also don’t want to pay for a flight. In Los Angeles, the beginning and end suggest is in ~ downtown in ~ Union Station, and in mountain Francisco, it’s at the Caltrain station. Legroom is sufficient, buses have bathrooms in the back, and also there room power plugs for all your electronics. The price is around $23 to $37 because that a one-way trip. Liven weeks are considerably much more expensive.

Amtrak Train

You can train it up or under the state via Amtrak. The journey time adds as much as five and also a half hours and prices start at $59 because that a one-way ticket. If you feeling much more inclined towards a scenic route, you deserve to board ~ above the shore Starlight, i beg your pardon is a 12-hour ride increase the coastline with beautiful views of the shoreline and mountain ranges, totally with cushy accommodations, drink service, and a mini-bar. If you pay for a cabin ticket, you’ll be treated to wine and also cheese, security meals, and accessibility to a full-fledged movie theatre. Prices for the Starlight start at $77 every way.

Drive yourself

This one doesn’t need owning a car. You deserve to pick increase rental cars for about $30 a day. Remember, you still need to front the expense of gas, though. For an initial time drivers: the trek up have the right to be completed via the 101 (which is scenic yet takes much much more time) or the I-5.

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Coming in 2029: California High-Speed Rail

It’s the many expensive and ambitious facilities proposal in America today: a high-speed rail system between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Take trip time is estimated to be much less than three hours, friend just have to wait 15 years because that it to it is in built.