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Gucci Mane - Drop Top Wizop Freestyle katifund.orgGucci Mane "Drop Top Wizop Freestyle": Huh, Drop Top Wop (skrt) Ha Tell the valet to be mindful, as soon as he park my whip Hol" up, he do not ev...
Gucci Mane - Drop Top Wizop katifund.orgNo difficult peak, drop peak, Lambo, doors up Soft optimal, Rolls-Royce, white bitch, dough up Got grown guys wanna be favor Gucci as soon as they flourish up Maybach, backseat, no shirt iced up White Ghost, no sir not mine all hers Double R, brand-new truck all white mink floor Benz Jeep, all red, red rims, trap auto White Range, little change that"s my day-to-day car
Migos - Bad And Boujee katifund.orgkatifund.org to "Bad and also Boujee" by Migos: You know, young well-off niggas You know so we never before really had no old money We got a whole lotta new money though, hah (If Young Metro don"t trust you I"m gon" shoot ya) Hey!
PNB Rock - Run With It katifund.orgkatifund.org to "Run With It" by PNB Rock. I run roughly wit" it(huh), I run approximately wit" it (yuh) I run roughly wit" it, I run approximately wit" it Skrt skrt in the brand-new whip Bad bitch, yeah she too thick
Flosstradamus - Drop Top katifund.orgkatifund.org to "Drop Top" by Flosstradamus. feat. Travis Porter Drop peak international through the equine in it Three poor bitches through some dope kiss And no have to wait it, we gon" go gain it
Rich The Kid - Splashin katifund.orgCoulda bought a crib, bought a drop optimal (Skrt, skrt) I can"t love a bitch, trust no twarm (No thot) Never carry a freak to your spot (Woo!) Dolce and also Gabanna on my flip flops I don"t execute no relaxing (Relaxing) Run up the bag, acquire the cash in (Racks) Fendi, am I drippin" or splashin" (Or splashin") 12, they can"t catch me as soon as I"m passin" (Skrt!)
Leafs - "Salsa" songtekst Ay, yeah yeah, ay, wow, what Look at me flexin" Yeah, wow Drippin", I be saucin" net the juice Ben ik in die M, watch just how I move (ay) Ten toes dvery own, ik ben ten toes dvery own (ay)
Janet Jackkid - Any Time, Any Place katifund.orgkatifund.org to "Any Time, Any Place" by Janet Jackkid. In the thundering rain, you stare right into my eyes I have the right to feel your hand also movin" up my thighs Skirt about my waist, wall against my challenge I have the right to feel your lips
MIGOS - BAD AND BOUJEE (FEAT. LIL UZI VERT) katifund.orgMigos - Bad and Boujee (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) katifund.org. Produced By Metro Boomin You understand young affluent niggas You recognize so we never really had no old money We acquired a totality lott
Gucci Mane - Lil Story katifund.orgDropheight, red "vert, I"m slidin" dvery own universities A lot of niggas feelings hurt "reason they can not gain a verse from me (Damn) No, no, hell no, boy you sound favor a joke to me And you look really broke to me, just how I"ma take you seriously? Skrt, skrt, skrt, skrt, food preparation up the groceries Same shade T-shirt, just acquired a half a bird for free
Pepper - Look What I Found katifund.orgLook what I uncovered in Kona Town, While the skies gets weary and the sun goes down, It"s summer living, oh, it"s the seachild To gain your body naked and then start screaming, Around the clock "reason we do not speak, Ya "gotta store it relocating like a porno plot. All the drinks to settle ya, it"s a perfect mixture, You lean to the dise to acquire a clearer photo.
Bad and Boujee (Explicit Version) - Migos feat. Lil Uzi VertMigos feat. Lil Uzi Vert - Bad and also Boujee (Explicit Version) katifund.org. You understand, young well-off niggas You understand so we never before really had no old money We acquired a whole lotta brand-new money though, hah (If Young Metro don"t tr
Slim Thug - Top Drop katifund.orgSlim Thug "Top Drop": Got the damn height Got the damn peak drop Got the Got the damn peak drop, peak drop, top drop Got the...
Fat Pat - Tops Drop katifund.orgTops drop, tops drop, tops drop, tops drop Now what"s up H-Town, reason we understand that they feel us Three wheeler four peeler, acting negative for scrilla Swisha burna bouncing turner, sitting low on 4"s I"m pulling with the lot, slamming do"s on butlots And I"mma slide slide, slippidy slide Pop trunk let it dvery own, display up in my ride
Slim Thug - On Top katifund.orgSlim Thug "On Top": Got the damn peak Got the damn optimal drop Got the Got the damn peak drop, top drop, height drop Got the dam...
Oliver Francis - wwaavvyy katifund.orgMaserati drop peak flexin" And I ain"t worried about my ex-bitch I"m so wavy I could provide you swimming lessons I"m so wavy I might give you swimming lessons All this ice around my necklace I been sipping on this Texas Bitch she say that I"m finessing Rolling dope in the Tesla Smoking dope in the pool home Tires go skrt when I pull out
Only The Family - How We Living katifund.orgDown to ride through my niggas, gotta ride about tinted (oh) And I"m loyal to my niggas, I would die if I didn"t Don"t involved my funeral go smoke out the bowl, police will not leave us alone Niggas be beggin" for reflects, niggas be askin" for loans I"m gone (skirt), yeah, turn up Chopper make a fuck nigga watch through (let"s obtain it)
Migos - Bad And Boujee katifund.orgkatifund.org to "Bad and also Boujee " by Migos. You understand, young wealthy niggas You understand so we never really had actually no old money We got a whole lotta new money though, hah (If Young Metro don"t trust you I"m gon" shoot ya)
Migos - T-Shirt katifund.orgSeventeenager 5, same shade T-shirt (white) Mama told me (aye) not to market work-related (mama) Seventeen 5, exact same color T-shirt (yeah) Young nigga poppin" via a pocket full of cottage (ay) Woah kemosabe, chopper aimin" at your noggin (ay) Had to cop the Audi, then the peak I had actually to chop it (skrt skrt) Niggas pocket watchin", so I gotta store the rocket ...

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Trey Songz - LYFT katifund.orgShe obtained Xans in her purse, obtained my hand also up her skirt Rolling with some niggas that don"t play to fuck about Hey girl, I understand you recognize them niggas, they have to remain the fuck from round Shooters eexceptionally fucking wbelow, also as soon as I"m outta town Shoot from every fucking where, also as soon as we outta bounds You a referee snitching and a referee missing
Oliver Francis - Bullet Time Freestyle katifund.orgIn the bronco no drop optimal Acting all tough but he also soft yuh Two years ain"t gon not sheight Need a negative lil little in a crop height Y"all fake chat via the one line hooks Y"all mad speak y"all pawnstars yuh Windows tinted so you cannot watch me In my five lane spittin boy please believe me I be ridin around the city in a Lamborghini
YE Ali - What To Do katifund.orgkatifund.org to "What To Do" by YE Ali. Can you come over, let"s make a movie You understand the drill, you understand exactly how we do it
Lil Keed - Proud Of Me katifund.orgAnd then I race (skrt skrt skrt) Give it to her simply prefer a cadence (obtain a lil) YSL ballin", Wilt Chamberlain (ballin") Ima call the play like it"s Madden (come in) I be putt"n"em firearms on anybody (brrrt) Girl, don"t worry, I"m getting these bands in (bands in) I hit Geoff via these bands in (brrrt) Placed diamond rings on all her hands (wedding ring)
Quavo - Ice Tray katifund.orgkatifund.org to "Ice Tray" by Quavo. Ice tray, young nigga flooded (ice ice ice, yeah) If a nigga hatin", contact him Joe Budden (pussy) Coupe exterior and also it"s press button (skrt skrt) Got that nigga mad "cause your bitch fuckin" (hah), fuck it
Baby Bash - Brief Skirts katifund.orgkatifund.org to "Quick Skirts" by Baby Bash. Come on currently, why you wanna carry out us like that girl Come on now, acquired a skirt pulled up to your crack girl Come on currently, I love it once you present us that cat girl Come on currently, later on after barking and chat girl
Migos - Bad And Boujee katifund.orgAfter the music video was released, part of the katifund.org from "Bad and also Boujee" became the famed Internet meme "rain drop, drop top". In January 21, 2017, "Bad and Boujee" became number one on the US Billboard"s Hot 100.
The Underachievers - Wasteman katifund.orgGot your major missin" as soon as I"m in the tvery own Got her fate senses so don"t come around Make them sit down like we in the lounge Still smoking if it"s not permitted Since around a son, recognize tha" razor path But forget the previous bereason I"m in the currently Ain"t no resting for the fire spittah Like a lion, nigga, as soon as the sun has risen
Migos - T-Shirt katifund.orgkatifund.org to "T-Shirt" by Migos. Seventeenager 5, very same shade T-Shirt Mama told me (aye) not to sell work-related (mama) Seventeenager 5, very same color T-shirt (white) Mama told me (aye) not to sell work-related (mama)
Migos - China Town katifund.orgChina Town, China Tvery own, China Town, China Tvery own Young wealthy nigga I obtained plugs out in China Tvery own China Town, China Tvery own, China Town, China Town Young wealthy nigga I acquired plugs out in China Tvery own Sellin" that dope to the leems and also lames, I pull up and also I"m in your lane That droppeak that Audi insane, kaprice that chop on my brain
Miranda Lambert - Gravity Is A Bitch katifund.org"Causage gravity is a bitch Forty"s kinda boring And you spend your time ignoring The things you don"t watch so clear Your reflection in the glass Is gonna knock you on your ass You wonder how the hell"d it acquire down right here You"re happy in your fifties Though points are kinda shifty At sixty you"ll uncover tranquility of mind Go to bed at 8 o"clock
Shooter Jennings - Manifesto No. 1 katifund.orgMoved out of my apartment and you moved out of my old town My life has continued to be so lonely considering that you ain"t been about And to think how far I traveled, honey, simply to see you one more time But if that"s exactly how you say hello well you can kiss my ass goodbye So let your hair down, get out of that skirt Oh yet leave them high heels on
MIGOS FEAT. LIL UZI VERT - BADVERTISEMENT AND BOUJEE katifund.orgMigos feat. Lil Uzi Vert - Bad and also Boujee katifund.org. You know, young wealthy niggas You know so we never really had actually no old money We got a totality lotta brand-new money though, hah (If Young Metro do not tr
Lil Mosey & BlocBoy JB - Yoppa katifund.orgRun about with toolies, got a yoppa on me, ayy Margiela on his feet, I gained Louis on me, uh I blow all that gas, I be sippin" on the lean Yeah, 30 "round my neck, my jewels water like saline And my life be movin" rapid like I"m in a movie, ayy We don"t fuck about, so we holding .223 And I"m on the fucking xan, I just blended it in my drink
Kings Of Leon - I Want You katifund.orgA hay ride at 5, everybody"s coming about So go push your skirt, word is there"s a new girl in town I call shotgun, you can play your RnB tunes The fellowship time, it constantly comes a small too shortly The land also of the creeps, freshened up and also babyfaced shame Put your eyes on me, and also I understand a place wbelow we deserve to obtain away
Keith Urban - Female katifund.orgkatifund.org to "Female" by Keith Urban. When you hear somebody states somebody hits like a girl How does that hit you? Is that such a negative thing? When you hear a song that they play sayin" you run the world

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