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carry out you desire to have deep conversations with your pet about philosophical topics favor Schrodinger's Cat or Occam's Razor? If so, you must probably obtain a shiba.Sekai no Owari ni Shiba Inu to is a an easy 4-koma gag manga about the journeys of one unnamed high school girl and also her pet Shiba Inu Haru-san, as they traverse with a post-apocalyptic Japan. They acquire into random hijinks such as meeting aliens or other cryptids as they journey approximately Japan. Offered the nature of the manga, friend can't really mean there to be any type of deep or intriguing overarching storyline, together each thing is fairly episodic. Despite that, being a 4-koma manga, ns think the collection fulfills its function very well. With among the main personalities being a dog, it's definitely really cute and also charming as soon as Haru-san just does cute dog points (CDDGT? Cute Dogs do Cute Things? Is that even a thing?) The manga usually goes over countless random topics, so it's reasonably interesting every time and even occasionally thought-provoking. There are likewise occasional parts of the manga that room surprising sad (I in reality cried on one of the chapters).The arts is great. The collection is fully-colored, which currently sets the apart from many other manga, and keeps the from being as well dull. The artstyle because that the humanoid personalities (basically the main girl and occasional gods and also mythological beings) is fairly standard, yet it's still kind enough. The main focus of the collection is definitely Haru-san and other dogs the appear, and also they space all supervisor cute. Haru-san is supervisor adorable and also the author additionally includes a the majority of meme dog faces like the doge face. The background art is also relatively nice, particularly considering just how most 4-koma don't also have background art to begin with. There space some sporadic fanservice the the main girl, but I perform think it's not particularly intrusive.The personalities are enjoyable. As you may expect, over there isn't an especially any impressive character development, but the personalities are still exciting to watch. The interaction in between the leads are a joy to read; the key girl's cynical and down-to-earth personality and Haru-san's overly-philosophical and loving personality renders for a an excellent and relatively humorous relationship. There are a few other recurring characters, like other dog breeds and also yokai. They aren't specifically deep, yet still fairly interesting. Also, naught wrong with cute doggos. Finally, the occasional hints at the main girl's personality and her past are a very nice contribution to both she character and to her connection with Haru-san.Overall, the manga is supervisor enjoyable. For a 4-koma, it does whatever super well. The personalities are enjoyable, the doggos room adorable, the chapters space comedic and even thought-provoking, and amidst that all, there will be laughs and a couple of tears. Also, you'll probably end up wanting a shiba after this.