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Fisher-Price Auto absent ‘n Play infant Sleeper because that Newborns & infants – how it Works

Fisher-Price auto rock ‘n beat sleeper to soothe newborn and also infants

Fisher-Price auto absent ‘n play sleeper is designed to cuddle and soothe 0 to 6 months old newborns and also infantswith a motor that initiates head come foot automatically rocking motion. The has30 minutes and 6 hours rocking time settings. The manufacturer proposal this inclined rocker sleeper for infants that weigh under 20 lbs.

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Fisher-Price auto absent ‘n play baby sleeper features

Automatically rocks the baby when plugged in.30 min and also 6 hrs rocking time settings.Automatically shuts off, once selected time is over.Plays 6 calming songs and music.Made that plastic / metal / polyester / cotton.Fabric colour include: the majority of it is white v gray, blue, green and also charcoal accents.Three-point restraint.Linkable clacker toy.Built to phibìc American electric standard.Product dimensions:22.8 x 32.3 x 24.4 inches.Uses rechargeable batteries.

How Fisher Priceauto absent ‘n play infant sleeper works


Fisher-Price auto rock ‘n pat incline sleeper v motor rocks babies to sleep

Fisher-Price auto absent ‘n play baby sleeper features the motor the acts together a leverage and rocks the sleeper through it’s kickstand that moves in and out creating earlier and forth rocking motion. It tenderness rocks and calms the baby. That rocks fine on the floor and also carpet.

The infant sleeper has 2 rocking time settings: push twice for blue light for 30 mins, push when for environment-friendly light for 6 hrs, & red light because that off. If a sleeper is set to rock the infant for 30 minutes, it will auto absent the baby for 30 minutes and also then will certainly shut off automatically. The 6 hour cycle functions the same way. The music will turn off as well (if it was on). The rocking motion can also be turned turn off manually by unplugging the power cord.

The Fisher price auto absent ‘n play baby sleeper can be rocked manually, but the rocking motor that is attached an extremely low come the floor must be unscrewed and also taken off. Then it have the right to be offered as a standard absent n play that deserve to be rocked by hand.

The slight incline place of the auto absent n play sleeper elevates the baby’s head when sleeping, i beg your pardon would assist babies through reflux.The inclined place is fixed and also cannot be changed. The chair is deep to hold newborns securely.

Fisher-Price auto rock ‘n play baby sleeper has actually a donate plastic insert for the baby’s back support under the cloth cover the the baby lays on.

The soft cloth cover hooks in top top the top side the the sleeper frame and also has Velcro top top the foot side of the frame. The cloth cover is make ofpolyester and cotton. It’s maker washable. The towel is an excellent quality and will hold up well with recurring washing.

It’s not suitable for babies that space able to sit up or grasp the side of the sleeper.If baby attempts to role while in the rock and also play, it could tip over.

Fisher priceauto rock ‘n play baby sleeper is handy


Fisher-Price inclined sleeper is handy because that sleep time and also feedings

Fisher price auto rock ‘n play baby sleeper is a little more than 2 feet high.

It’s virtually on the same level v the conventional bed, that provides it basic for parental to reach the baby for frequent feeds.

Parents deserve to keep it beside your bed or take it to any type of other room lock go.

It’s great for a newborn that wants to be constantly rocked. 

It’s suitable for boys and girls.

Fisher price auto absent ‘n pat sleeper is lightweight and can be pack disassembled in a traditional sized suitcase if travelling.


How come assembleFisher-Price auto absent ‘n play infant sleeper

To assemble Fisher-Price auto rock ‘n beat sleeper: snap the legs together, attach the fabric cover and attach the rocking motor onto one of the leg. If the rocking motor is mounted correctly in the slots, the framework will be slightly higher in the motor next so the baby have the right to be in ~ incline position. To fold or unfold push the snap button. The assembly takes a couple of minutes.

Tips: It’s recommended to change the baby’s position and also have a crib whereby baby have the right to stretch and also turn head come the political parties to avoid level head effect.

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Fisher-Price auto rock ‘n play baby sleeper has actually a 1 year minimal warranty


Fisher-Price auto rock ‘n play baby sleeper has a 1 year limited warranty

The battery is spanned by a 6 month limited warranty.


Fisher-Price Auto rock 'n Play baby Sleeper because that Newborns & babies - just how it Works