Big Air Dare script

(setting: Mt. Baldy where Otto and the guys were snowboarding. a skier beefs it and Otto does a 360 over the skier)Otto: Please, please, no autographs.Reggie: Otto, you"re going to have to get another snowboard to cart that head of yours around. It was just a 360.Otto: Just a 360?Reggie: Can"t you ever just enjoy the ride, Rocket Boy?Otto: No.Twister: Hey! Check out the Squid!(Sam beefs it, the screen plays a replay of the beef twice)Sam: Nailed it.Otto: Come on. (walks up to an off-limits sign) We"ve got to check this out.Reggie: Actually, we don"t.Twister: I don"t know, Otto.Sam: Looks dangerous.Otto: (looks at Reggie) Lame, (looks at Twister) lamer, (looks at Sam) lamest. Sheesh.(Otto and the gang enter the off-limits area)Otto: The Big Air!Twister: Awesome!Sam: Terrifying.Otto: More speed, baby! Speed! Speed!Reggie: Hello, Earth to Otto. Come in, Otto.(camera flips over to Otto"s daydream)Twister in Otto"s daydream: Rocket Boy launching! Whoa! A flip with a one-hand twist! He"s going to be-Lance: (interrupts) Grounded!Twister: Oh man, it"s Lance, the ski patrol dude.Lance: The Big Air is for experienced adults only. When it opens tomorrow, I don"t want to see you kids anywhere nesr it.Otto: But-Lance: Stay out of trouble now.Sam: Told you we"d get in trouble.Otto: Like he was serious. Come on, you guys.(camera flips over to the cabin, where Raymundo and Tito are relaxing)Tito: Weather report says we"re going to get a couple of inches of snow tonight. What do you say we rest up and hit that fresh powder...tomorrow morning?(Raymundo snores)Tito: Once again, you"re way ahead of me, bruddah.(camera flips over to a half-pipe where Otto and the gang are playing Follow the Leader)Otto: Repeat after me. (grunts)Reggie: (grunts)Twister: (grunts)Sam: (whimpers, then beefs it)Otto: You"re out, Squid! One down, 2 to go. Follow me.(Twister beefs it)Otto: Ha! Told you.Reggie: Looks like it"s just you and me, Rocket Boy.Otto: Not for long, Reg. Repeat after me.(Otto does a trick, Reggie follows him, then she yawns)Reggie: You"ll have to do better than that.(Otto and Reggie continue to duke it out)Otto: This will dump her.(Otto and Reggie beef it)Reggie: (laughs) Good game, Rocket Boy. We"ll call it a tie.(The word "TIE" appears on the screen)Otto: (echos) Tie? Otto Rocket doesn"t tie.Reggie: You did this time.Otto: Everyone knows a tie goes to the leader.Reggie: What kind of stupid rule is that?Otto: A good rule.Twister: I think he"s right, Reg.Reggie: What other proof do I need?Sam: You know, I read once-Otto: (interrupts) Look, I won. End of story. Game over.Reggie: Game over? Let"s play again and this time, I"ll be the leader.Otto: In your dreams! I won, you lost, get used to it.Sam: Otto, don"t.Twister: Oh man.Reggie: Otto, I can beat you anytime, anywhere, in any sports, little bro.Otto: (slides down the half-pipe) Bring it on, Regina.(camera flips over to the cabin where Tito and Raymundo are sleeping. There, an avalanche falls on top of them)Raymundo: (pops out of the snow) Huh? What? Tito? Tito! (digs through the snow)Tito: Not now, bruddah. I"m surfing Pipeline. (continues sleeping)(camera flips over to Mt. Baldy where Reggie and Otto are having another contest to see who"s better)Sam: Here they come. And Reggie"s in the lead!Twister: Yeah right.(Reggie launches off a small jump and passes Otto)Reggie: Eat my snow!(Otto launches off a small jump and he and Reggie cross the finish line at exactly the same time)Twister: Otto, low five, bro. Woogety-woogety. You da man!Otto: That I am.Sam: Are you blind? Reggie won by a mile.Reggie: Yeah.Otto: Are you saying I lost?Reggie: I"m saying you came in second out of 2.Sam: Guys, we need an official judge.Twister: All rise, Twister"s Court is now in session.(Reggie and Otto have another race, Twister videotapes it. Later, Twister beefs it)Sam: Court is adjourned.(camera flips over to a ski jump where Reggie and Otto are seeing who can jump farther, Otto does his jump)Twister: Monster jump, Otto Man!Sam: (sets a flag at Otto"s landing point) Reggie"s going to waste him.(Reggie launches off the jump and lands at the exact same spot. Reggie and Otto snarl at each other)Twister: Who wins?(camera flips back to the cabin where Raymundo is making a snowman hovering over Tito"s head. He sets the timer on a camera. When it rings, it wakes Tito up. Tito looks at the snowman and screams. Raymundo laughs hysterically, camera flips back to Mt. Baldy)Otto: Okay, it"s a test of speed and guts. We glide down the mountain using all those kooks like slalom gates. First one to the ski lift wins, meaning me.Sam: Otto, you"d better watch out. There"s a lot of people on this run.Reggie: 2 rules, Rocket Boy. No cheating when you fall behind and no crying when you lose.Sam: On your mark, get set-Lance: (interrupts) Go home.Twister: No, it"s "go". On your mark, get set-Lance: (interrupts) This race is cancelled.Otto: Race? What race?Lance: Get on the gondola and ride back down. You kids are done for the day.Reggie: You can"t do that.Lance: Hey, it"s either that or I take your lift tickets away and put them on the Wall of Shame. Your choice.Sam: Wall of Shame?Twister: They take away your pass and they put it on the wall so everyone can laugh at you. It"s a shredder"s worst nightmare!Lance: So, what"s it going to be?(camera flips over to the ski lift, where the gang is riding back down)Reggie: You"re lucky he came along, Otto. Saved you a lot of humiliation.(Otto takes off his helmet and looks out the window at the Big Air)Otto: Whoa! Look at the big air those guys are getting! I want some of that air.Reggie: Do you ever stop? I swear they should call you the big airhead.Otto: Hey, that"s how we can settle this. You and me, the Big Air. Winner takes all.Sam: But Lance said he"ll put us on the Wall of Shame. My fragile psyche can"t handle that humiliation. (hyperventilates into a paper bag)Reggie: Then we"ll hit it at sunrise before Lance is even here. How about it?Otto: The first annual Otto Rocket Big Air Dare is on, baby!(the next morning at the Big Air, Otto and Reggie gear up for their race)Otto: You scared yet?Reggie: No. No way. Let"s do it.Sam: Wait! Reggie, Otto, please listen to me. We"re all alone up here.(Reggie gets a frightened look)Otto: Ha! I knew you"d wimp out.(Otto and Reggie start their race)Twister: It"s all come down to this as Rocket Boy and Rocket Girl attempt the Big Air Dare.Sam: Go Reggie! Go Otto! Be careful. Oh man, I"m all alone up here. Oh man. (screams)(Reggie grunts, gasps, then stops at the last minute.Otto: Ha! I win. (jumps off) I win!*KER-RRACK!!*Twister: Oh man, total yard sale. Otto popped a binding.Sam: I think he popped more than that.Reggie: Otto! Rocket Boy, are you okay?!Otto: (groans) My leg.Reggie: Let me see. Let me see.Otto: Ow! Don"t touch it!Sam: Don"t touch him. Don"t move him. He"s in pain.(Raymundo and Tito come into the scene)Raymundo: Otto! Otto! Oh man. Son, you"ll be okay. (to himself) It"s broken. Tito, will you go get help?Tito: You got it, bruddah.(Lance arrives)Otto: (groans) Dad, it hurts so bad.Raymundo: You"ll be okay, Otto.Lance: I"m afraid you won"t be snowboarding for some time, kid. Sir, I told your kids that jump was off limits.Raymundo: You did? Reggie?Lance: HQ, this is Lance, over. We have a code green at the Big Air jump.Otto: Sorry, Dad.Lance: He"s a snowboarder approximately 9 years old with a possible fracture.(camera flips back to the cabin after Otto got his cast on)Otto: Oh man, it"s bad enough I broke my leg. Do I have to sit here and watch you guys just standing sround? Why don"t you go up there and ski or snowboard or something?Reggie: If you ask me, this is cruel and unusual punishment.Tito: I believe it was an ancient Hawaiian who said "Don"t do the crime if you can"t do the time". Right, bruddah?Raymundo: Aloha to that, Tito my man.Otto: Man, this thing itches. (snow hits the cast) I"m going to go crazy! What am I supposed to do for 6 weeks?Tito: Relax, little bruddah.

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Just sit back and smell the roses.Sam: Roses? I"m allergic to roses. (sneezes, an avalanche falls)Reggie: Sammy!Twister: Squid!(all laugh, camera flips over to the Wall of Shame where everyone is laughing at Otto, Twister, Reggie, and Sam)THE END

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