(katifund.org) - We"ve all been in that situation: you want to clock something according to on TV and also your housemate or partner doesn"t want to hear to all that noise. That either method you have to watch on her phone, or need to turn the volume down and spoil her enjoyment.

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Fortunately, Roku"s exclusive listening feature pertains to the rescue, letting you divert the audio from your Roku connected to your TV, v to your phone, an interpretation you have the right to listen with headphones simply and easily.

Here"s how to obtain it working.

How to use Roku private listening

First the all, the feature depends on your using the Roku app on her phone (Android, iOS), so you"ll need to download and also install the on her device.

Now you"re prepared to acquire connected.

Make sure your Roku device and her smartphone are linked to the exact same Wi-Fi network.Open the Roku app on your phone and also tap "remote" at the bottom.The Roku app will search for Roku tools on your network so you can choose the design you want to connect to.Once you"re linked to your Roku, you"ll acquire remote control of that machine via the smartphone app. The device name will certainly be in ~ the peak of the display.Tap the headphone icon at the bottom the the web page to revolve on personal listening, and tap ok as soon as prompted.Your Roku will certainly confirm personal listening on her TV and also the icon in the application will likewise change.

When you pick something to play on her Roku, the audio will now come v your phone, rather of the TV.



Other things to consider

Once you"re connected, you deserve to use everything headphones you favor with her smartphone. That could be wired, or you deserve to use your Bluetooth headset - as long as it"s associated to your phone"s audio, you"ll have the ability to hear her TV.

You can continue to control your Roku utilizing the Roku app on your phone, or you have the right to use the continuous Roku remote together you typically would, it renders no difference. Just remember, to boost the volume, you"ll have to turn up the volume on your phone, rather than top top the TV.


Roku private listening performance and also troubleshooting

There"s a lot walking on v Roku"s personal listening system, separating the audio and also getting it to play in sync on a different device is rather a feat, however it functions surprisingly well. On many occasions we"ve had actually no problem connecting and been happy with the audio quality that we"ve got definition that we can, for example, watch an action film in bed when someone rather is sleeping.

However, there space things that can reason this mechanism to fail. Bad Wi-Fi relations is one thing. Roku tools generally have actually very strong Wi-Fi connections, however not every smartphones do, so that"s the very first thing to inspect if it"s not working. If her phone drops Wi-Fi, the audio will return to the TV.

If girlfriend can"t acquire it to work, we"d recommend trying a various phone - maybe someone rather living in your family members to check out if it"s down to an separation, personal, instance phone that"s leading to the problem.

Additionally, you might find some interference - again, we"d recommend trying a different phone very first and foremost, and also trying wired headphones rather than wireless just to ensure that"s not leading to your problem.

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If everything is out of sync (but you deserve to hear the audio) then that might be a error within her Roku device, i m sorry can occur from time to time. In this case, the ideal thing to carry out is come restart the Roku device from within the settings menu. After ~ a reboot, you"ll usually find that the audio is earlier in sync.