One of the many essential elements of cinematography is video camera motion. When offered effectively in a scene, it have the right to include power, provoke eactivity, reveal areas, or even aid in editing transitions. However, cam activity deserve to also be a tricky point to attend to. Without it, the audience"s attention have the right to become unconcentrated yet adding too a lot activity have the right to create confusion or - in some too much cases - lead to nausea. Luckily tbelow are the majority of assets easily accessible to filmdevices that make handling video camera activity a whole lot much easier.

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The different kinds of video camera activities are varied and also large as are the devices offered to attain it. Tbelow are dollies, cranes, drones, steadicams, and much, much even more. One of the many renowned cam movement products - especially for indie filmmakers - are motorized gimbals. They are very nimble and also portable and create liquid smooth movements. But the market has become substantially saturated with alternatives. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to breakdown and compare some of the choices you have from DJI, among the a lot of successful brands in the industry.

We will certainly be taking a look at every gimbal option easily accessible from DJI: The Ronin 2, Original Ronin, Ronin-M, Ronin-MX and also the Ronin-S.


Form Factor

Ring Handle

Stability: High

Payload: High

Weight: High

Flexibility: High

The ring handle create element can be taken into consideration the most functional of all the forms. It areas the gimbal cradle in the middle of a large circular handle allowing the user to grip and also host the tool but they choose. This deserve to make operating the gimbal much even more comfortable and inevitably lead to better and also smoother results. Furthermore, having actually a totally included ring take care of enables for much easier procedure during facility and complex movements. For instance, if you have to pass the gimbal from one operator to one more through a home window or over a table, having actually the complete circle handle eases the stress of needing to be dead exact. Instead the second operator have the right to grab simply about almost everywhere and proceed the movement flawlessly. Finally, the ring take care of also has a built-in stand. This alleviates many the operator’s tension as they deserve to set the gimbal dvery own just about almost everywhere and whenever before they desire. Tright here is no require for the hassle of carrying about the sepaprice stand also.


Dual Handle

Stability: High

Payload: Medium

Weight: Medium

Flexibility: Medium

The a lot of widely-used form factor for gimbals is the dual taken on form. Many alternatives from DJI follow this style through a cradle hung underneath a crossbar with 2 handles on either side. This form has actually come to be the welcomed standard in the sector and also can be watched being made use of in the architecture of the Original Ronin, Ronin-M and Ronin-MX. This 2 handed develop provides your electronic camera an incredible amount of stcapability and also freedom of movement as it is not limited by size of track choose traditional dollies. In fact, the only limitation you have actually is exactly how lengthy your operator have the right to host it up. This worry is absolutely something to keep in mind as the gimbal can become fairly hefty relying on the combicountry of gimbal and video camera being provided.


Single Handle

Stability: Medium

Payload: Low

Weight: Low

Flexibility: High

One of the hottest patterns in the indie film industry best now is the single-handled gimbal. With even more and also even more shooters opting for smaller sized DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, single-handed gimbals such as the Ronin-S are coming to be exceptionally well-known. These more recent models defy the standard form by placing the electronic camera cradle on peak of a single “pistol grip”-choose manage rather of the conventional underslung create. These handhosted gimbals are smaller, less fluid, and also handle much less weight than their two-handed countercomponents however they market even more adaptability and also array of activity in the time of usage. These even more compact models permit customers to fit right into tighter or even more crowded spaces that would certainly be as well cramped for the larger cumbersome models.

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When making the choice in between the different Ronin models, the answer will almost always come dvery own to it’s application on set.


Eextremely Ronin has its own unique benefits and can be a great tool to assist you develop some truly great images. But unless you understand exactly how to use those benefits to your practical filmmaking demands, the machine will always be fighting you. That is why it is so necessary to understand the cases each device will certainly be the majority of advantageous.

Ronin 2

The Ronin 2 is the massive dog in the DJI Ronin family members. It is the best and heaviest of the bunch but it can manage an outstanding amount of weight. It’s pack capacity tops out at 30 pounds! Which indicates you will have actually no trouble fitting just about any kind of video camera consisting of an excellent amount of accessories on this bad boy. This is the gimbal you’ll want to opt for as soon as you’re making your substantial budget film via the big, exceptional video camera. It’s style has a full, circular take care of approximately the gimbal which can be rerelocated as soon as making use of the Ronin 2’s gimbal for aerial or vehicle mounting. The fully encompassing take care of offers the user finish flexibility of hand placement making it much even more adaptable than any kind of other DJI gimbal. That being shelp, you’ll absolutely must mass up if you want to run this gimbal as it weighs in at a staggering 14 pounds prior to the cam. It is highly argued to usage the Ronin 2 alongside a ready-rip or easy-rig to help reduce some of that weight. The Ronin 2 is hands dvery own the a lot of advanced gimbal DJI offers and is no slouch when pitted versus the likes of the Freefly Movi gimbals and also others.

Original Ronin

The Original Ronin is the one that began it all. This was the initially enattempt into the currently comprehensive line up of motorized gimbals offered by DJI. It’s an excellent power house choice in the gimbal human being and based upon its form factor and also dimension, will provide you the a lot of steady results of the DJI products easily accessible at It deserve to manage a substantial majority of video camera set-ups and is the only DJI option offers which comfortably fits the bigger, non-dslr camperiods. It’s weight capacity is around 16 lbs which will certainly conveniently take care of virtually all the cinema cameras as soon as paired via a moderately sized lens. Though it is essential to note that when attempting to fly much longer camages such as the FS7, you will certainly need the cradle extension arms in order to fit the lengthier body. The expansion arms will likewise come in handy if you intend to fly via much longer lenses such as the Fujinon MK series or various other cine zooms. Finally, for the ever-famous low budobtain film camera/lens combo of mirrorless body via cine lens, your ideal bet is the Original Ronin. While you might have the ability to obtain amethod with among the smaller gimbals for this combo, the headache you will produce for yourself in the time of electronic camera balancing will certainly prove to be more initiative than it’s worth.


The Ronin-M is a terrific middle of the road alternative. While it deserve to only handle around half the weight of the original variation (around 8 lbs), it is smaller, lighter, much easier to maneuver and also still creates excellent results. This would be a great alternative for filmdevices who are utilizing smaller camperiods prefer DSLRs and mirrorless camperiods however still desire the silky smooth images created by the dual-tackled form aspect. Although we have actually watched some human being balance huge cinema cameras on the Ronin-M, we at carry out not advise it. The outcomes will be just usable at best and the added weight will execute a number on the motor bring about much less stability and much lower battery life. At some point, your imeras will certainly endure.


At a glance, you may not immediately notice the differences in between the Ronin-M and also the Ronin-MX. While the distinction between the 2 is subtle, the MX model does offer some unique features that collection it apart. First, the MX gets a little rise in weight capacity increasing to 10 pounds over the M’s eight. This decision was the majority of most likely applied as a method to capture customers of bigger camages such as the RED neighborhood. Additionally, the MX functions a brand new camera cradle design. It replicates a similar style to that of the Freefly Movi gimbals through its completely encompassing cage with cold shoe mount for the optimal of your cam. This permits for some extra stability especially as soon as making use of much longer lenses. The Ronin-MX also intends to solve some widespread difficulties checked out throughout the gimbal user area - among which is battery life. When making use of a gimbal in its a lot of major feature - balancing a camera - the majority of gimbal batteries can last a reasonable amount of time. However before, as soon as you start including accessories into the mix, the life span of that battery drops substantially. That’s why DJI has actually consisted of two battery slots on the MX. The first slot remains in the typical area on the back of the gimbal while the second is added above the cradle horizontally. The slot on peak is provided to power the gimbal while the slot on the back is dedicated particularly for accessories such has actually monitors or video transmitters. The last attribute which truly makes the MX stand also out from the crowd is its capacity to be used for aerial photography. It is totally compatible with DJI’s M600 aerial system and also now boasts full 360 levels of rotation to enable for the the majority of adaptability once flying. The Ronin-MX is an excellent choice for filmmakers who are in search of a little bit of extra stcapacity while maintaining a smaller sized and also lighter create factor or for anyone doing aerial videography.


The newest addition to the DJI professional gimbal line up is the Ronin-S and also it’s one of the hottest single-handed gimbals on the market. It offers the user via the a lot of flexibility and also freedom of motion when compared to the other choices at DJI. Its weight capacity is the very same as the Ronin-M which suggests anything even more than a DSLR is going to begin pushing it’s motor to the limit. However, bigger cameras need to not be the application of this gimbal. Instead, the Ronin-S is perfect for shooting events, weddings, actual estate videos, concerts, or all over else wbelow the broader structure of the dual tackled gimbals would certainly get in the means. Plus it has actually the finest battery life by a really wide margin, clocking in at twelve constant hours once balanced properly.


Althe majority of eexceptionally company has their own app these days and also DJI is no exception. In reality, DJI has two separate apps for their gimbal products. These apps enable you to have advanced manage over your DJI gadgets and fine-tune your settings to fit your particular needs or preferences. The unfortunate component is that the apps will certainly not occupational across the board on eincredibly DJI gadget. Rather, you’ll have to match the gimbal through the correct application in order for everything to feature properly. Luckily, it’s not also complicated as the apps themselves are basic enough to distinguish. The older application is called DJI Assistant. It is black through a blue ring approximately the DJI. The more recent application is sindicate referred to as Ronin and also has a red ring roughly the Ronin logo. The blue, older app controls all the older ronin models including the Original Ronin, Ronin-M and Ronin-MX. The newer red application controls the more recent Ronin models, the Ronin 2 and the Ronin-S