A loving however imperfect working-class family led by its "domestic goddess" mother was the basis of this classic, long-running sitcom.

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Episode 1

Life and also Stuff

Tue, Oct 18, 1988 30 mins

Roseanne encounters complaints that her daughter Darlene (Sara Gilbert) barks in school, then returns house from work to discover that hubby Dan (John Goodman) didn"t solve the plumbing. Becky: Lecy Goranson. D.J.: Sal Barone. Jackie: Laurie Metcalf. The collection pilot.

Episode 2

We"re in the Money

Tue, Oct 25, 1988 30 mins

Dan and also Roseanne agree no to spend any of Dan"s $500 advancement on themselves. Roseanne Arnold, man Goodman. Jackie: Laurie Metcalf. Booker: George Clooney.

Episode 3


Tue, Nov 1, 1988 30 mins

The Conners" dinner conversation during a night out without the kids is sprinkled with tidbits around a friend"s divorce. Roseanne: Roseanne Arnold. Dan: john Goodman. Patsy: Patricia Gaul. Becky: Lecy Goranson.

Episode 4

Language Lessons

Tue, Nov 22, 1988 30 mins

Roseanne is recorded in an emotional tug of war in between her feuding husband and also sister (John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf), when Darlene has actually a bone come pick with D.J. (Michael Fishman). Roseanne Arnold, Lecy Goranson, Sara Gilbert.

Episode 5

Radio Days

Tue, Nov 29, 1988 30 mins

Dan and Roseanne get in a songwriting contest; Booker (George Clooney) unleashes impulses in Jackie. Roseanne Arnold, john Goodman. Jackie: Laurie Metcalf. Becky: Lecy Goranson.

Episode 6

Lover"s Lane

Tue, Dec 6, 1988 30 mins

Bowling night finds Roseanne exploring Becky"s boyfriend, while Jackie and also Booker make a bet through high stakes. Chip: Jared Rushton. Crystal: Natalie West. Sylvia: ann Faulkner. Pete: Ron Perkins.

Episode 7

The storage Game

Tue, Dec 13, 1988 30 mins

Roseanne discovers the Dan had a one-night stand through her high-school nemesis years ago. Jackie: Laurie Metcalf. Becky: Lecy Goranson.

Episode 8

Here"s to an excellent Friends

Tue, Dec 20, 1988 30 mins

Roseanne and also Jackie aid Crystal (Natalie West) drown she sorrows over breaking up through her lover by taking her come the Lobo Lounge for a couple of pink squirrels and also a pep talk. Booker: George Clooney. Savannah: Frances Fisher. Juanita: Evelina Fernandez.

Episode 9

Dan"s birthday Bash

Tue, jan 3, 1989 30 mins

Dan"s birthday bash in ~ the Lobo Lounge is interrupted by a bully (Eric Allan Kramer) who picks a fight v Dan at the pool table. Roseanne Arnold, john Goodman. Becky: Lecy Goranson. Dwight: bill Sadler.

Episode 10


Tue, jan 10, 1989 30 mins

Saturday in ~ the Conner home finds Dan and his pals tuning increase Dan"s truck, if Roseanne and the gals talk about Jackie"s date life. Dwight: bill Sadler. Crystal: Natalie West. Freddie: invoice Pentland. Jackie: Laurie Metcalf.

Episode 11

Canoga Time

Tue, january 17, 1989 30 mins

Dan can"t bear to component with the "junk" Roseanne wants to donate come the PTA rummage sale; Darlene forges a passing grade on she report card. Roseanne Arnold, john Goodman. Booker: George Clooney. Jackie: Laurie Metcalf.

Episode 12

The Monday Thru Friday Show

Tue, jan 24, 1989 30 mins

Roseanne and also Dan setup a actual honeymoon; Becky (Lecy Goranson) refuses come dissect a frog in biology class; Darlene find her record route to be much more than she deserve to handle. Attleroy: Gary Bayer. Jackie: Laurie Metcalf.

Episode 13

Bridge over Troubled Sonny

Tue, january 31, 1989 30 mins

crystal (Natalie West) hires a psychic to help her cope with the fatality of her husband; Darlene decides it"s cool to smoke. Lonnie: mock C. Williams. Jackie: Laurie Metcalf. Darlene: Sara Gilbert. D.J.: Michael Fishman.

Episode 14

Father"s Day

Tue, Feb 7, 1989 30 mins

Roseanne procedures in to referee when Dan"s visiting father (Ned Beatty) pontificates around Dan wasting time working as a contractor. Roseanne Barr, man Goodman. Darlene: Sara Gilbert. D.J.: Michael Fishman.

Episode 15

Nightmare top top Oak Street

Tue, Feb 14, 1989 30 mins

The cause of Darlene"s mood ferris wheel is no an enig to Roseanne, yet for tomboy Darlene it means growing up. Roseanne Arnold, john Goodman. Jackie: Laurie Metcalf. Becky: Lecy Goranson.

Episode 16

Mall Story

Tue, Feb 21, 1989 30 mins

Roseanne takes her family members on a shopping main actor at the Lanford Mall. Stan: Michael Gates. Saleswoman: Mary anne McGarry. Salesman: Jonathan Chapin.

Episode 17

Becky"s Choice

Tue, Feb 28, 1989 30 mins

Becky is passionate for the dinner with Chip and also his parental (Robert Harper, Andrea Walter) to concerned an end, and also Roseanne doesn"t aid matters by forget to rotate on the oven. Johnny: Tony Crane.

Episode 18

The slice of Life

Tue, Mar 7, 1989 30 mins

if Darlene (Sara Gilbert) experience emergency surgery, Roseanne feels guilty for having actually yelled at her earlier. Coach Graham: man Walter Davis. Dr. Bryce: Lynne Thigpen. Nurse Chambers: Donna LaBrie.

Episode 19

Workin" Overtime

Tue, Mar 14, 1989 30 mins

After two weeks that overtime at work and also chaos in ~ home, Roseanne takes refuge at a diner. Waitress: Zoaunne LeRoy. Roseanne: Roseanne Arnold. Dan: john Goodman. Becky: Lecy Goranson. Darlene: Sara Gilbert.

Episode 20

Toto, We"re not in Kansas Anymore

Tue, Mar 28, 1989 30 mins

as a tornado spins through Lanford, a storm is brewing inside the Conner residence over the whereabouts the Jackie, that hasn"t reverted from her trip to the market. Roseanne Arnold, man Goodman.

Episode 21

Death and also Stuff

Tue, Apr 11, 1989 30 mins

throughout the family"s liven weekend activities, a door-to-door salesman (Jeff Corey) drops by---then drops dead in the Conner kitchen. Roseanne Arnold, man Goodman. Cop: Oliver Darrow. Carol: Lee Garlington. Darlene: Sara Gilbert. Jackie: Laurie Metcalf.

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Episode 22

Dear Mom and Dad

Tue, Apr 18, 1989 30 mins

an unannounced visit by Roseanne"s parental (Estelle Parsons, john Randolph) has actually the Connor home in one uproar. Roseanne: Roseanne Arnold. Dan: john Goodman. Jackie: Laurie Metcalf. Becky: Lecy Goranson.

Episode 23

Let"s contact It Quits

Tue, might 2, 1989 30 mins

Roseanne has trouble accepting brand-new rules indigenous a tough brand-new supervisor. Faber: Fred Dalton Thompson. Lou: Michael Earl Reid. Crystal: Natalie West. Roseanne: Roseanne Arnold. Dan: john Goodman.