NEW!: We room introducing brand-new Rosie the Riveter commodities in our Etsy Rosie equipment Store.

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Please Click right here to visit our store. us hope you’ll inspect it out. We’ll it is in adding new products transparent the year.

BELOW is a emergence at products in our Rosie’s Legacy gear Store over on ETSY. Join us this day in celebrating Rosie the Riveter and strong, courageous, empowered females everywhere. just click on any kind of item to find out more.


(ADULT: 4″x2″ kid 3″x1.5″) Our brand-new patch is much more than the name Rosie top top a white twill patch. We’ve design a unique and fun red and white polkadot Rosie Patch. This patch will help you, her child, and also even friends Rock her Dots! Wear the on a work-related shirt because that Halloween, add it to your backpack, iron the on a vest or various other favorite clothing. We know you’ll evaluate our high-quality and unique Rosie equipment to aid you Rock your Dots.


Rosie the Riveter’s Collar pen is more accurately recognized as Rosie’s employment Badge. Us researched the pin shown on Rosie’s collar in the “We deserve to Do It!” iconic human being War II poster. Then we visited the federal government archives come see exactly how the yes, really pins—employment badges—looked and the products they used. Based on this research, we produced our Rosie the Riveter Collar Pin, together close come the initial as you deserve to get. Rosies wore theirs to work each day. Undertake yours v pride and also remind others that you have actually the can Do spirit.

AUTHENTIC: Rosie’s Collar pen is made utilizing 3-dimensional, molded and embossed metal and hand-colored using enamel cloisonné an innovation (each one is contempt different, component of the hand process). It is 1.25 inches, the exact same size together Rosie wore.

ROSIE THE RIVETER button — one AUTHENTIC-LOOKING much less EXPENSIVE OPTION. searching for a Rosie Button? We’ve got a fabulous one that is additionally well-priced. We currently offer, because that the first time, a Rosie the Riveter switch — a stole pin-back with a high gloss, weather-resistant finish. Us love this brand-new button that is an ext affordable 보다 our enamel cloisonné steel pin.

BE A ROSIE – deluxe COSTUME KIT. We’ve made it super straightforward for you come dress together a Rosie the Riveter. We put together a Rosie the Riveter Costume Kit with well-researched accessories. Inspect it out! Perfect because that cosplay. Wonderful because that teaching. Good for themed parties.

All you need to add is her favorite pair of blue jeans from your drawer and a dark blue shirt from your closet.

ROSIES TOESIES — ROSIE THE RIVETER SOCKS. FUNtabulous socks showing the red and white iconic Rosie the Riveter polka dots, plus our signature logo design showing the Rosie the Riveter silhouette and our motto “We have the right to Do It! pass It On!” us topped off the look v a little patriotic blue–heel, toe and top. Design by us, we’re happy to do these easily accessible in three sizes — woman, child, man. man in her life who supports the strength, courage, and empowerment of the women in his life.>


Vintage style, red and also white polka dot square bandana / headscarf, researched and also designed by united state to be just like the one worn in the “We can Do It!” WW2 poster.

ROSIE THE RIVETER 2-SIDED POSTER (Two political parties for more Fun) original Rosie the Riveter Poster and also DIY Rosie Portrait PosterROSIE THE RIVETER PRINT

Side 1: Frameable “We can Do It” poster. Side 2: Rosie removed, so strike your ideal DIY Rosie pose for photos and parties.

ROSIE THE RIVETER ESSENTIALS includes Rosie’s legacy Bandana and also her top Collar Pin. These are the two crucial items that make Rosie a “Rosie.” The red and also white polkadot bandana is re-created from the human being War II “We deserve to Do It!” poster. Similarly, Rosie’s Pin, actually her employment badge, has been very closely designed to enhance those worn through Rosies in the Westinghouse Electric business factory where the renowned poster was drawn and displayed. Wear this retro essentials and also show the civilization you are a strong, courageous, empowered woman.

ROSIE THE RIVETER at WORK – Rosie’s Bandana and also Rosie’s Patch

ROSIE THE RIVETER in ~ WORK contains Rosie’s heritage Bandana and the Rosie patch for her shirt. These two items let united state imagine Rosie in ~ work throughout WWII. The red and also white polkadot bandana is re-created indigenous the above “We can Do It!” poster presented in 1943. Wear the 100 percent soft cotton bandana and twill name patch and also show the world you room a strong, courageous, empowered woman. 


Rosie the Riveter child Costume includes: (1) Red and also white polkadot bandana, (2) Rosie’s collar button, (3) Patch through “Rosie” woven in red v white polkadots. (4) and one an ext item. To make this a distinct costume, there is a red tote through white polkadots splashed across one side. This holds Halloween treats and can be supplied throughout the year to lug toys, books, PJs for an overnight, and more. All you need to add is a blue shirt and also a pair of jeans that her daughter/granddaughter currently owns.


Fun Full shade Rosie the Riveter momentary tattoos. One mirrors Rosie the Riveter through stars in the background and also the motto “I deserve to Do It” (3″ x 4″). The 2nd tat mirrors our signature logo design (just favor on our bandanas) … Rosie’s silhouette ~ above a red background v our motto, “We can Do It…Pass it On” (1.5″ x 2.5″). Colors room bright. Applications is straightforward (instructions included). This tattoos are resilient (usually 5 come 7 days).


Rivets, antique 1943 steel penny and also World battle II food ration token in a 3×4 red and also white polkadot bag. When someone mentions your costume, pull it out, present the rivets, brag around the penny, and also describe the food ration/token. Additionally included is a replica that a WWII ration book.

Award-Winning publication that began It All: ROSIE’S DAUGHTERS: THE “FIRST mrs TO” GENERATION tells ITS STORY, second EDITION

Rosie’s Daughters, four-time award-winning breakthrough cumulative memoir about the generation of ladies that broke through centuries of limitations to take their ar in the world.



Get the award-winning book: Dog food Diet: wise Nutrition for your Dog’s Health and a red and also white polka period bandana for your dog, OR just acquire the book. Either way, your dog will give thanks to you.

ROSIE’S heritage MUG

…Red and White Polka Dots, of Course. Rosie the Riveter, the embodiment the the We deserve to Do It! attitude, would have loved this red and also white polkadot mug modeled after her iconic bandana. It even carries the inspirational message, We deserve to Do It!…Pass that On.


Combine a Rosie the Riveter Bandana, she Employment Badge/Collar Pin, and also a distinct red-and-white polka-dot “We have the right to Do It!” mug, and also you have actually a great combo that saves you $$$.

“WE can DO IT!” BANDANA and 2 ROSIE momentary TATTOOS

“We deserve to Do It!” is the human being War II poster that motivated our authentic, 27 inch, retro style, Rosie the Riveter bandana / headscarf. Momentary Rosie tattoos an included fun touch.

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ULTIMATE “WE have the right to DO IT!” PARTY PACK

“WE can DO IT!” Party Pack contains 2-sided 24 x 36 poster v a DIY next (minus Rosie) and also an iconic Rosie the Riveter Side. Have your guest strike their best Rosie pose. Published on quality art paper. Add to 5 Rosie Collar Buttons for party favors.