The Ruger 10/22 is just one of the most renowned .22 rifles top top the market today. They space reliable, accurate, and also highly customizable. Unfortunately, the sights that come typical on 10/22’s room too tiny and complicated to see. Several carriers offer upgrades to provide them much much better iron sights. If you desire to upgrade, you may experience some challenge trying to remove the old front vision from your 10/22. I don’t know just how Ruger manages come cram the former sight right into the rifle, however it can be a actual chore to remove. Right here are actions that ns recommend taking to do removal of her front sight on her 10/22 much easier and how to replace your old sights through much better ones.

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Tools You will Need

Bench VisePadded Vise Jaws (With a Channel)PunchHammerDremel tool with steel Cutoff WheelHacksawNeedle File

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Step 1: Disassemble the Rifle

Remove the stock, trigger assembly, charging handle, and pins from your barrel and receiver. When attempting removal and also replacement of her 10/22’s front sight, all of these tiny parts need to be set aside to stop them falling out and getting lost. It likewise makes the rifle much easier to occupational with.

Step 2: location the Barrel in a Padded Vise

Attach your padded vise jaws to your vise. Your padded vise jaws should have a channel running horizontally with them to organize the barrel. You can find a set similar to the persons I use by click here.

It is likely that her barrel will certainly still revolve within the vise jaws while you are hammering the front sight out. Use double-sided tape come the section of the barrel that will be in the vice jaws. This will reduce the quantity of rotation that will take location while you space removing and replacing the front sight. As soon as you room finished, you have the right to use acetone come remove any residual adhesive native the barrel.

Also, as soon as placing your barrel in the vise, nearby the jaws firmly. You desire the vise to have a strong hold on the barrel. Only have actually a small portion of the front part of the barrel sticking out from the vise. This will stop your blows from gift dissipated through vibration and will additionally prevent the barrel from bending.

Step 3: remove the rear Sight

Start v the easy sight first. Usage a brass or nylon punch and a hammer come drift the rear vision out that its slot from left to ideal with the muzzle encountering away indigenous you. This need to be relatively easy to do. Set the rear vision aside, yet do not install the new rear sight yet. Every one of the pounding girlfriend will need to do come the front vision may reason you to have to readjust that later.

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Step 4: effort to Drift the prior Sight

Now come the funny part: removal of the 10/22’s former sight. Drip some penetrating oil into the dovetail slot. Then, usage your hammer and a steel beat to attempt to drift the front vision out the the barrel’s dovetail slot. Just like the rear sight, go from left to right. Use as large of a punch as you can. Law this will assist you avoid peening the metal, which will certainly make the sight even harder come remove. Girlfriend would usually use a brass or nylon beat to drift sights, yet the removal of a 10/22’s front sight is so difficult, ns recommend simply using a stole punch. This will save you part frustration and also save her punches.

Use firm and also careful taps to begin drifting the sight. Prevent trying to lb the sight right into submission. If the sight doesn’t relocate after numerous firm taps, move on to action 5. Proceeding to hammer on your front sight will significantly increase the possibility of damage to her 10/22. Her punch can slip or you could miss through your hammer, leading to a nasty scratch or gouge to your barrel.

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Step 5: do a Relief Cut

The front sight of mine 10/22 to be so stubborn, I had actually to do a relief cut in the to get it out. Notice how ns was cautious to no go every the way through the prior sight.

If you are unable come drift her front sight out, you might need to do a relief reduced in the prior sight. This is a fairly drastic step and should just be done if you room confident you can do it without damaging her rifle. That will additionally render the initial front vision useless, so prior to doing this, make sure it is other you want to do and are qualified of doing.

Use masking tape come cover the area around the former sight. Very closely use a Dremel tool v a metal cutoff wheel or hacksaw to do a upright relief cut in the facility of the former sight. This will relieve few of the push on the former sight, making it less complicated to remove.

If utilizing a Dremel tool, execute not try to reduced all the method through the former sight. Doing for this reason will damage the dovetail your brand-new front sight will slide into. Slowly reduced until girlfriend are about 1/16th that an customs from the bottom of the prior sight. Attempt to drift the vision out with your hammer and also punch. If it still won’t come out, usage a hacksaw to remove a little more metal from the front sight prior to attempting come drift it out again.

Step 6: Clean and also Oil the vision Base

After you ultimately get the old front sight out, clean out any kind of debris that is in the sight base. Also, apply a thin coat that oil. This will safeguard the steel from rust and also make inserting your new front sight a small easier.

Step 7: download the brand-new Front Sight

Now try to install your new front sight. Push it right into the sight base’s dovetail as far as you have the right to from best to left. It need to go in about halfway without making use of a hammer and also punch. ~ that, effort to drift it in making use of your hammer and brass or nylon punch. If the goes all the method into the dovetail, you space done through this step. Just make sure the front vision is focused in the dovetail. If it will not go in, view the following step.

Step 7B: file the new Front Sight

If your new front sight won’t enter the dovetail slot, friend will have to use a file to eliminate a little amount of steel from the bottom of the new sight. Do not under any type of circumstances file the vision base’s dovetail slot. Any type of time that you have actually to file firearm parts for a better fit, always file the component that is cheaper and easier come replace. In this case, that part is the brand-new front sight.

Use your file to remove a tiny amount of steel from the bottom that your brand-new sight’s dovetail. Don’t remove too much. ~ you have removed a tiny amount, examine to see if the right is better. Proceed removing tiny amounts and checking the fit till it will slide half way in. Native there, you deserve to use her hammer and brass or nylon beat to drift the new sight into position.

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Step 8: download the new Rear Right

After you space doing drifting her front sight into position, you deserve to now download your new rear sight. If it has a set screw, ago it out, and also slide the sight into its slot. Press it in as far as you can from ideal to left, then use a nylon punch and also hammer come tap it into position. This must be much easier than installing the prior sight. Center the behind sight right into the barrel’s dovetail slot and also tighten the collection screw.

Step 9: Reassemble the Rifle and Sight-In

After you have actually installed the brand-new front and rear sights, reassemble the rifle and also take it to the range. Be sure that girlfriend bring any tools that you need to adjust the sights. Because that mine, I brought a nylon punch, hammer, and screwdriver set. Make any necessary adjustments through the behind sight. After you acquire it set, tighten any type of adjustment screws.