Ryan Reynolds has been anointed the "King of Twitter" time and time aget. Thanks to his skilled trolling abilities, and also his acerbic and irreverent jabs and also jokes he"s constantly winning us over.

But, Reynolds has actually likewise proved to be the perfect tarobtain. The actor, and also his many film personalities have actually been adapted to perfectly suite the internet"s requirements for sarcastic reactions and silly memes.

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So, here"s a round-up of the some of the ideal Ryan Reynolds memes, that we believe the Twitter luminary himself would certainly grant of, despite how unflattering or absurd some of them might be.

1. Reynolds" "sad face"

Throughout one of Taylor Swift"s famed Fourth of July parties in 2016, Swift mutual a photograph — that has actually since been deleted — of all her pals on Instagram. Reynolds was tbelow sporting a forlorn expression on his confront, spawning the beautiful "sad face" meme.

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Tweet might have actually been deletedTweet may have actually been deletedTweet might have actually been deleted

Reynolds later defined in an interview via Entertainment Weekly that he was not in reality sad as soon as the photo was taken — that"s just his confront.

“No that’s a difficulty I’ve had all my life,” the actor told Entertainment Weekly, once asked if he was upcollection. “If I’m not aware a photo is being taken, my natural relaxing challenge is one of a man dying. I had actually no idea somebody was taking a photo. Therefore I was relaxing comfortably in my persona of a man whose spirit is visibly exiting this earth.” 

2. When Reynolds was Photoshopped right into someone"s prom photos

Following a post-prom break up, Twitter user gabidunn99 choose to Photoshop Reynolds into her prom photo, which gained a ton of traction virtual. Soon after the edited photos were shared, brirenaexo responded to the tweet via her very own Photoshopped pics from the year prior to, featuring her and Channing Tatum at her prom.

Tweet may have been deletedTweet might have actually been deleted

Reynolds later on responded to the tweet and said they Photoshop him right into her ex"s yearbook photo next.

Tweet might have actually been deleted

3. "But, why?"

Reynold played a nurse in the cult stoner classic Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. While the role might have been small, it has end up being a favorite reactivity GIF online.

In clip Reynolds asks a simple question: "But, why?"

But of course, he asks it in his sarcasm-tinged tone that he"s come to be well known for, making it the perfect GIF to sfinish as soon as you"re curious via a nice hint of snark.

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4. The Deadpool and Spider-Man kiss

Following Andrew Garfield and Reynold"s impromptu kiss at the 2017 Golden Globes, plenty of memes of Deadpool and Spider-Man kissing have actually spawned. And honestly, they"re pretty adorable.

Tweet might have been deletedTweet may have actually been deleted

5. Reynolds" feud through Paddington Bear

I do not recognize how you obtain right into a fight through the world"s puremainder being, Paddington Bear, however Reynolds managed to execute so. After making a joke about Deadpool being nominated for a People"s Choice award, points ended up being heated in between the actor and also Britain"s favorite bear.

"So honored by all the
PeoplesChoice noms. Hope you vote for Deadpool 2 and feel cost-free to create us in for ideal Family Film," Reynolds tweeted. "Since watch your fucking ago, Paddington."

Paddington of course responded in the many Paddington way feasible, a simple "#hardstare."

But the internet, unhappy with Reynolds" jab at the beloved bear, started threatening and also sfinishing warnings to the Deadpool actor, in a hilarious, yet very fair method.

Tweet may have actually been deletedTweet may have been deletedTweet might have been deletedTweet may have been deleted

While, the feud might have blvery own over, it"s still probably finest if Reynolds steers clear of Paddington, and proceeds to respect his loving, glowing light, that is pure joy and also goodness.

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6. When Reynolds made it into the "if you don"t love me at my..." meme

This meme is pretty self explanatory, but we still love Reynolds" inclusion in the "if you do not love me at my..." featuring him side-by-side as Environment-friendly Lantern and Deadpool. Reynolds later admitted he never even bothered to watch Green Lantern.

Tweet may have actually been deleted

7. When Reynolds made himself into a meme, as soon as he trolled tiny sunglasses

As shortly as tiny sunglasses -- favor those sported on the Kardashians and Hadids -- started getting favor, Reynolds took a stance, calling out the goofy fashion trend, posting photos of himself in the tiniest of glasses.