Ryan Reynolds has a movie key — and also it casts Kate Beckinsale as his inseparable twin.

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After Beckinsale, 46, attested that the Deadpool gibbs is without a doubt she definite doppelgänger top top a current Tonight Show appearance, Reynolds was quick to respond with an idea because that a project the supposed look-alikes could join pressures on.

“We currently have a script!” he joked on his Instagram Story Monday night, tagging Beckinsale and pasting the pair’s encounters onto marketing materials from Double, twin Toil and also Trouble, a Mary-Kate and also Ashley Olsen Halloween movie from 1993.

Beckinsale defined how she sees an uncanny resemblance v Reynolds, 43, if on Jimmy Fallon‘s show. The hold remained unconvinced, saying he doesn’t “really view it.”


“I look precisely like Ryan Reynolds,” Beckinsale said. “Like in a shocking way. Like, once sometimes, I check out a bus going by through a poster on it i think, ‘Damn, ns look hot. Oh, wait, that’s no me. Also, I’ve never done that movie.’ ”

She continued, “I’ve wrestled through how, obviously, he’s not also like a type of contempt girly-boy-bander type. He’s like a huge Canadian man and also I really see myself in him.”

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Don’t buy her tickets come the Olsen pair reboot yet, however, together Beckinsale jested the she wouldn’t even have the ability to work v Reynolds.

“I can not be in the same room together him since one the us, i think, would explode or something would certainly happen,” she said.

Reynolds again poked funny at your similarities, commenting on one of Beckinsale’s Instagram posts, stating that the gibbs both appeared in big-screen vampire series, Blade for him and also Underworld because that her.

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“I’ve never remained in the very same room v Kate. But I have raised her child while starring in the biggest vampire franchise top top earth. So, you do the math,” that wrote.

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