Let’s speak TaTa’s: How too much Weight Loss impacted my Breasts

warning: graphic saggycleavage ahead, don’t review pastthis point if that will certainly bother you

I receive a the majority of emails around excess skin. I completely understand the fascination because I’m fascinated by this aspect of weight loss too.

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If I lose the load what is my human body going come look like? What will certainly my tummy and also my thighs look like? and also of course, what will happen to mine breasts??

I lost 125 pounds,I’ve shared many times about my thighs and tummy short article weight loss and as most of you recognize I had actually skin removed surgery and also Diastasis Recti (DR) repair on mine stomach a month ago. You deserve to read much more about the here.


My thighs are still a hot mess and also my only option, if I desire to tighten the skin, is surgery. I’m no really worried about it though. Unless I’m wearing shorts or a bikini it’s not super noticeable and even climate it doesn’t bother me much. Mine breasts on the various other hand, well, they’re just not what they used to be.

I’ve always had a large chest. I was a D cup by 7th grade. In ~ 260 pounds i was one H cup so ns knew that losing weight meant losing boob. I’ve worked out into a 32DDD but it’s largely pushed up folded end skin sag. I acquire really an imaginative with mine pushing and tucking and can pull off a pretty decent bikini top but naked *shiver*, well, it’s just not pretty.


I’m tho nursing mine youngest for this reason if I ever were to carry out a lift that wouldn’t be because that a couple years and even climate I’m not totally sure it’s miscellaneous I desire to do. I definitely do not desire implants as numerous in my household have had actually some scary experiences and also the thought of inserting a international object come live within my human body forever creeps me the end a little.

I receive emails weekly questioning if I’ve had a boob task or what my secret is to having such remarkable boobs after load loss and also I always have a small chuckle to myself. Together flattering as those messages are, i feel choose you males deserve a fair and also accurate explicate of the state of points in my chestal region.

No bra.

My mystery is a effectively fitting Victoria an enig Full Coverage Bra ya’ll! Go get fitted. It will blow her mind. I wear a body By Victoria strapless and also their full Coverage because that under t-shirts. Victoria renders me watch goooood. Ns don’t wear something else. (This is completely not endorsed through VS btw, simply my truth).

I was likewise fortunate enough not to lose all of my boobs. I think genetics helped a little bit with that and the fact that I’m tho breastfeeding. I’m sure I’ll most likely lose an additional size or two once that ends.

At 170 pounds ns was yes, really happy with the means my boobs to be looking but when i hit the 140’s castle really began to deflate and the 130’s? Forget around it. Taking leave bye boobs. I’d favor to to speak it doesn’t bother me at all but it does. Especially during sex.

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My breasts were constantly one that my ideal features. I never had to battle with feeling like they weren’t huge enough, or weird shaped, it was the one area ns felt yes, really confident about when i was overweight but now it’s more than likely one that the peak two things I’m most insecure about on mine body.

Moral that the story? Don’t think everything you see on the internet. Just since a human takes a great picture doesn’t typical they’ve got it every together. I’ve obtained stretch marks, cellulite, saggy skin, and jiggle just like everyone else.