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The Samsung team is a south Korea-based conglomerate company that has a variety of subsidiaries. It's among the largest businesses in Korea, producing virtually one-fifth that the country’s complete exports with a primary emphasis in the electronics, hefty industry, construction, and also defence industries.

— The background of Samsung: 1938-Present

The Individualist Perspective

Samsung simply continues to be exploitative and unethical due to the company’s exploitation of their workers and also consumers.

According come Friedman’s concept of individualism, the only obligation businesses have actually is to maximize profit for the owner and also stockholders. However, Samsung has actually done this v illegal approaches by hiring and also overworking underage employee in China. According to reports, employees at this manufacturer were, in some cases, functioning 24-hour periods with just one day turn off per month, and also the firm had hired employees under the legit working age of 16 years. This behaviour proceeds since, in 2016, an investigation by elegance International discovered that cobalt in smartphone batteries is mined by youngsters as young together seven-years-old. By individualist standards, Samsung would certainly be taken into consideration ethical.


Individualism is the political philosophy or ideology that emphasizes independence and self-reliance. Individualists development the idea of realizing one's goals and also desires, while opposing most exterior interference upon those objectives, by society, or any type of outside agency.

— A perspective on Individualism

Virtue thinker Perspective

From a virtue thinker perspective, Samsung lacks the honesty, justice, temperance, and also courageousness the is provided to advice the company’s ethics and also dignity. Samsung did not honestly notify their employees around their work-related hours. Samsung did not use justice when the agency exploited workers. Brown (2006 p.12) argues there have to be a balanced prosperity rather than merely shareholder and investor profits once it pertains to a company’s integrity, which Samsung does no do.

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Virtue ethics is a wide term for theories that emphasize the duty of character and virtue in ethical philosophy quite than either doing one's duty or exhilaration in stimulate to carry about great consequences.