If you’re searching for a smartwatch, opportunities are these 2 will it is in on her radar.

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Samsung’s gear S3 Frontier has actually been roughly for a few months, yet it’s still fresh in everyone’s mind as Samsung’s top-end wearable offering. Coming in simply a tad later, The large and totally featured LG Watch sports was a launch device for Android undertake 2.0 and also matches the equipment S3 in an ext ways 보다 one.

Both of this smartwatches are big, feature-packed and relatively expensive. So which one have to you consider strapping to your wrist? let us assist you decide.

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Hardware and also design

Right from the start, this watches alienate a huge portion of the potential sector with your size. The LG clock Sport’s situation measures in in ~ a very huge 45.4 x 51.2 mm, while the equipment S3 has almost the very same footprint in ~ 46 x 49 mm. The Watch sports is very thick in ~ 14.2 mm, and the equipment S3 Frontier is 12.9 mm — svelte by comparison, yet still large. Through dimensions prefer that, no of these watches will fit on smaller sized wrists, and also even those with a wrist that deserve to hold together a large watch may not it is in a pan of the dimension — the thickness, in particular, deserve to be an worry on either watch as soon as it concerns fitting underneath a sleeve.

Two huge, rugged watches with different in its entirety looks.

The just thing to really differentiate the 2 is their exterior styling. The equipment S3 Frontier adheres to its name well through a rugged architecture that seems favor it’d it is in at residence in the woods or ~ above a trail. The dark metal exterior, large gnarled bezel and textured buttons offer off a masculine look that’s absolutely popular nowadays. Regardless of the “Sport” name, the LG Watch sports is reasonably tame through comparison. Its body is totally smooth, lightly brushed metal that have the right to fit v a more comprehensive variety the clothing but lacks a strong identity.

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Part the that identity on the equipment S3 is in its an extremely nice rubber bands, which feel far better than the LG watch Sport’s. Further, the lug style on the gear S3 provides the bands adaptability at your mounting point, i beg your pardon is more comfortable 보다 the integrated bands ~ above the clock Sport. To finish the trifecta of wins, Samsung’s smartwatch allows you swap the end the equipment S3’s bands for any kind of 22mm bands you can find, providing you customization choices down the road.

For the size, the LG Watch sports does manage to give you an ext screen with a 1.38-inch display contrasted to the equipment S3’s 1.3-inch. That might not seem like a ton, however extra room is always welcomed top top a (relatively) small device — specifically when you’re obtaining it in the usually the same case size as the gear S3. LG’s screen is also greater resolution at 480×480 matches 360×360, despite both displays offer automatically brightness and also look great.

Software and experience

The distinctions here space bigger 보다 the hardware styling the these 2 watches — starting, that course, with the different platforms. The LG clock Sport has actually Google’s recent Android stay 2.0 software, when the gear S3 has actually Samsung’s very own Tizen Wearable OS platform that is a small iteration native what we experienced on the gear S2.

Android stay 2.0 gets the basics right, and also has great watch faces.

Android stay 2.0 a big step increase in usability and functionality native previous iterations, focusing on feature-filled clock faces and also manageable notifications. The API-based watch challenge complication setup top top Android stay 2.0 lets any kind of watch challenge developer make great-looking dials that also integrate with any kind of app on your watch designed for complications, and notifications space perfectly attached with your phone for a seamless experience. Though it deserve to do more, Android wear 2.0 yes, really nails this basics.

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Tizen top top the gear S3 deserve to be configured to it is in simple, yet in general requires a bit more interaction with the clock in order to get the same tasks done. Some application notifications don’t play nice with the equipment S3, and while Samsung’s store has many an excellent watch faces (plus the heavy default set) the doesn’t have the very same catalogue or potential the the Google play Store. The same goes because that installing apps straight on either watch, though both platforms hit the couple of big surname you’d actually desire to install on your watch so that’s a basically a wash.

You get all of the core specs and also features — currently pick a platform to obtain locked in to.

More important are the integrated features both watches offer — and with hardware this big, it shouldn’t it is in surprising the you get every one of the bells and also whistles ~ above both. V either choice you’re acquiring a qualified processor, 4GB that RAM, huge battery, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, IP68 water and also dust resistance, heart rate monitoring and also optional LTE connectivity. The gear S3’s rotating bezel matches the LG clock Sport’s rotating crown because that non-touch input, and both provide you a good way to gain through the software application on a everyday basis. In mine time with both watches the equipment S3 have the right to offer better battery life, what in the kingdom of 50-75% better than the watch Sport, however chances space you’ll it is in charging both nightly anyway.

The only real question here is ecosystem lock-in because that two big features: fitness tracking and also mobile payments. The gear S3 has actually S Health and also Samsung Pay, while the LG watch Sport provides you Google Fit and Android Pay. As much as payment go, the equipment S3 bring away the advantage with MST an innovation that lets you pay anywhere a card can swipe. The fitness suggest may not be as large of a deal as you’d at first think, as you’ll have the ability to find large names like Endomondo, Map my Run, MyFitnessPal, Strava, Runtastic, RunKeeper and an ext (be certain to inspect compatibility before you choose) however daily tracking is still ideal handled by S Health and also Google Fit.

Bottom line: Very similar smartwatches

The LG clock Sport and also Samsung equipment S3 Frontier have far more in common than you may think considering their various manufacturers and platforms. If you’re considering this watches, you’ve currently decided the you can manage their big sizes. You’re additionally seeing worth in a vast list the specs and hardware attributes that space shared between the two. It simply comes down to i m sorry one you favor the external style of more, and also what communication you want to integrate with.

The equipment S3’s dark, rugged design with removable bands might speak come you much more than the watch Sport’s simple look and extra thickness with addressed bands. When you go with Android Wear ~ above the LG clock Sport, you’re walking to watch smoother integration through your Android call and all of Google’s services, when the gear S3 supplies Samsung Pay and has a greater ceiling in terms of watch-only functionality.

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Both watches charge the exact same $349 price and collection the bar in numerous ways because that what we desire from a smartwatch today. Either one is a an excellent choice if you don’t feeling strongly around one communication or the other, so make your pick based upon the design and couple of exclusive features that appeal to you most.

See equipment S3 Frontier at AmazonSee LG Watch sports at AT&T

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