The Samsung Level Box, prefer other commodities in the Level line, is a great pick if you"re a Samsung fan, but it"s not the finest we"ve seen in its selection.

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by Kris WoukSeptember 6, 2014

If you own a Samsung mobile gadget and also favor pop / electronic music, this is an insta-buy. For everyone else, it"s worth a look, but it"s not a clear winner.


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You’d be forprovided for reasoning that the Samsung Level Box was the company’s initially Bluetooth speaker, but that isn’t the instance. They’ve actually made a few in their time, but for a agency that appears to make at leastern among eexceptionally sort of consumer digital product, that’s practically a given. Those speakers just haven’t been extremely high-profile.

The Level Box is different. Samsung has made a point of greatly cultivating the entire Level line. The first product in the line that we looked at, the Level Over Headphones, were pretty expensive for what they available and didn’t exactly wow us. Can the Samsung Level Box make us believers in this brand-new line?

What’s In The Box?


While our testimonial devices didn’t come in a retail box, it’s sensibly likely that they’ll be packaged similarly, and nearly a offered that they’ll contain the same accessories. Open up package and the first point you’ll watch is the speaker, wrapped in plastic. There is a little cardboard container on top that has the manual. Underneath the speaker is another cardboard box that holds the AC adapter, USB cable and 3.5 mm audio cable.

Build & Design

Similar to the remainder of the Level line, the Samsung Level Box is easily accessible in white and also babsence. Our testimonial unit is babsence, and also while both look pretty excellent, the babsence seems to be the sleeker looking of the 2.


No matter which shade you select, the develop high quality is definitely a highlight of the Level Box. Unprefer most Bluetooth speakers, this one offers a steel grill that surrounds the entire outside of the speaker. While this does make the speaker tougher than some of the various other speakers we’ve seen, it also adds a little bit of weight. Samsung markets the Level Box as weighing “less than 20 ounces,” however for a speaker this size, that’s actually reasonably weighty.

That weight isn’t necessarily a negative thing, as sometimes speakers this compact tend to slide roughly rather a little bit. Here, that won’t be a problem.


While it isn’t always contained in speakers in this price variety, NFC is coming to be so prevalent that it’s basically intended. Here the Samsung Level Box doesn’t stray from the crowd – simply tap your device on the NFC logo on the side and also you’re great to go. If you don’t have actually an NFC capable gadget, you deserve to either pair the old fashioned means, or plug in through the 3.5 mm aux in jack on the side.


Range is proclaimed at 33 feet and also while tright here wasn’t any added skipping at that distance, some skipping did occur at super-cshed selection, approximately 3 feet from the speaker. This wasn’t a widespread event, yet it did happen enough that it’s worth noting in this review. The consisted of microphone worked well for hands-free calling and also voices over phone calls sounded fine via the speaker.

Looking at the buttons, two of the the majority of important buttons are located on the rear of the speaker: the power and also Bluetooth butlots. Everypoint else is situated on optimal. Here you’ll uncover the play / pause switch, 2 volume buttons, and the multifunction switch. It isn’t clear if this is by design or not, but our evaluation unit did not job-related via Samsung’s Level application.

Battery Life

Samsung claims battery life for the Level Box as 15 hours. While this isn’t the finest we’ve seen in a speaker this dimension (that honor goes to the Fugoo Style), it’s still better than many speakers in this price array. In experimentation, we found that the Level Box’s battery life did clock in ideal roughly the 15 hrs declared. Charge time by means of the AC adapter was around 2 hours.


The Samsung Level Box supports charging over USB which implies that you must have the ability to charge the speaker pretty much all over. While we constantly like to watch the capcapacity to charge various other gadgets, in this price array we aren’t precisely heartbroken over it not being consisted of.

Sound Quality

It wouldn’t be a Samsung product without some type of oddly named additional attribute thrown in, and also below that function is SoundAlive. According to Samsung, SoundAlive is “a constructed in, specially optimized sound equalizer that permits customers to obtain the most from their Level tool via simply the push of a button.” It also appears to mess via the audio in such a means as to fake additional stereo width, but we’ll touch on that in a minute.



It provides feeling, offered the dimension, yet the Samsung Level Box has a difficult time developing room-shaking bass. Though it’s lacking in the lowest frequencies, it does a fairly decent project reproducing the majority of bass – it’s just a little thin sounding.


The midarray displayed some supclimbing muddiness on some songs, while on various other songs, it wasn’t an issue at all. Sometimes permitting SoundAlive would certainly fix this, while other times it did nopoint. Pop music mostly fared much better than rock below, which points to a bump in the 1-2 kHz selection to emphadimension vocals on bass-heavy songs.


While the highs offered decent information, they were harsh-sounding at times. While this wasn’t as much of a trouble as the mids, it also can be remepassed away at times by toggling SoundAlive.


SoundAlive is a bit of a mixed bag. While it made some songs sound much much better, it turned others right into mush. In general, this speaker is much from transparent, and also the EQ appears to be tuned for pop / EDM.


There are a couple of points to really choose around the Samsung Level Box, however the metal develop and solid feel stand out. It sounds either great or really excellent, relying on the type of music you play through it, and also it doesn’t have the very same price-to-feature disattach that the Level Over headphones have. The battery life, though not the ideal we’ve checked out, is an additional notch in the Level Box’s favor.

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If you’re a fan of Samsung assets and also want a portable speaker to your bag, this is a nice alternative. That sassist, it’s not without solid competition. Both the Sony SRSX3 and Fugoo Style are in the same price variety and also either complement or ideal the Level Box in terms of sound high quality and features.