When you"ve acquired a big, high value all-glass phone prefer the Samsung Galaxy note 9, you"ll desire to take it full benefit of all those premium features you"ve paid for, which includes wireless charging. There are a most wireless charger alternatives out there, and we"ve rounded increase a couple of of our favorite note 9 charging pads and other charging devices. Here they are!


Best overall: Anker PowerWave Stand

Staff pick

Overall, we think the best wireless charger for the keep in mind 9 is the Anker PowerWave Stand. Anker promises rapid 10W fee speeds because that Samsung"s Galaxy phones, you can place the keep in mind 9 ~ above the was standing vertically or horizontally, and also it functions well through cases. Friend will need to supply your very own AC adapter, so keep that in mind.

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Best because that multiple devices: Samsung Wireless Charging Duo

The recent wireless charging pad from Samsung, released alongside the keep in mind 9, is this stylish wireless charger that allows you charge two phones, or your note 9 and also a Samsung smartwatch — specifically the gear S3, gear Sport, or Galaxy Watch. Built with 7.5W fast Charge Technology, you"ll be able to charge your Samsung devices faster than ever.


Stylish value: iOttie iON Wireless Mini fast Charger

The latest charging pad from iOttie is this Qi-compatible product, which has wireless rapid Charging up to 10W because that the fastest wireless charging speed for your phone. Featuring a nice towel finish that"s obtainable in Charcoal Black, Ruby Red, Ash Grey, and Ivory White, this is a wireless charger you"ll it is in happy to display off in her office or living room.


Two for one: Yootech Wireless Charging Bundle

With this bundle from Yootech, you can stretch her dollars. Because that the exact same price as what most solitary wireless chargers will run you, Yootech offers you two — a stand and also a pad. There"s also 10W fast charging speed when supplied with the best adapter.


Fast charge for less: RAVPower quick Wireless Charger 10W Max

RAVPower"s 10W wireless charger is Qi certified and can charge the keep in mind 9 and other Qi-enabled devices. It can even transmit through instances as thick together 8mm.

Our most budget-conscious pick on the list spares no top quality or features. Anker, a renowned brand, provides a 10W Qi wireless charger the is incredibly thin and low-profile v a larger charging coil the dissipates the warm over a wide surface area.

Get ready for the wireless life

If you"re interested in charging your keep in mind 9 wirelessly with a note 9 charging pad or various other wireless charging device, the finest option is the Anker PowerWave Stand. This charger checks every one of the boxes. It supports fast charge speeds, has actually a clean design, comes in many colors, and is readily available at a good price. All-in-all, there"s not much of anything to complain about.

For those that you through multiple devices, it"s tough to neglect the versatility of the Samsung Wireless Charging Duo. You acquire two wireless charging pads ~ above the Duo, and also while it"s designed to be supplied with a Samsung phone and a Galaxy Watch, you deserve to technically charge 2 phones at the exact same time if you desire to.

No issue which charger you end up buying, you"ll it is in on your means to living that sweet, sweet wireless life.

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