Traffic-navigation app Waze has partnered with Arnold Schwarzenegger to use his "Terminator" robot voice for driving directions. Which various other celebrities would make interesting driving companions? here are some suggestions.

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"Do you feel lucky, punk? Then do my day and turn off at the next exit." Clint Eastwood can not be the many soothing directional guide, yet we"d be afraid to disobey him.

who wouldn"t want Morgan Freeman, everyone"s go-to narrator and also the Voice of God Himself, talking to friend while you drive?

There"s no need for a general practitioners with lot of voices when you have actually Meryl Streep. British, Australian, Polish, Oklahoman, you name it -- you want an accent, she"ll execute it.

We"d all feel an ext confident in where we were going if George Clooney to be our wingman. Simply look in ~ what the did because that Sandra Bullock in "Gravity."
"With no direction residence ... Favor a rojo stone." OK, so girlfriend wouldn"t know a word that said and would probably acquire horribly lost. However Bob Dylan would certainly be interesting.
In the movie "Her," Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with a computer system program voiced by Scarlett Johannson. Just imagine what she could do for her driving.

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If you’ve ever before wished your general practitioners had a sense of humor, Waze has actually a solution.

The crowd-sourced traffic and also navigation application announced a new partnership through Universal pictures to present a celebrity voice navigating feature. Comedian Kevin Hart will certainly be the very first to voice turn-by-turn direction in the app.

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Waze, which offers voice-guided general practitioners navigation gleaned from customers who re-superstructure real-time traffic information, now provides users the choice to replace the share voice v a celebrity’s.

Hart’s voice is currently easily accessible in the app, yet the agency hasn’t announced which other renowned co-pilots will be obtainable to individuals in the future.

“His signature voice and humor made him the perfect celebrity voice overview for Waze,” Doug Neil, executive vice chairman of digital marketing at universal Pictures, said in a statement.

Waze advocated the brand-new feature v a YouTube video featuring Hart, whereby he spoofs timeless GPS navigating systems.

“I require you to take it the third exit. Wait, wait, wait. Wait. Okay, yeah. The third exit,” that says when commanding a user to usage a roundabout.