Flight street from mountain Francisco to Tokyo (San Francisco international Airport – Narita international Airport) is 5124 mile / 8246 kilometers / 4453 nautical miles. Estimated flight time is 10 hrs 12 minutes.

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How far is Tokyo from mountain Francisco?

There room several ways to calculation distances in between Los Angeles and also Chicago. Below are two common methods:

Vincenty"s formula (applied above)5123.994 miles8246.269 kilometers4452.629 nautical miles

Vincenty"s formula calculates the distance in between latitude/longitude points on the earth’s surface, using an ellipsoidal design of the earth.

Haversine formula5112.368 miles8227.559 kilometers4442.526 nautical miles

The haversine formula calculates the distance in between latitude/longitude points assuming a spherical planet (great-circle distance – the shortest distance in between two points).

Time difference and also current neighborhood times

The time difference in between San Francisco and also Tokyo is 16 hours. Tokyo is 16 hrs ahead of mountain Francisco.

San Francisco time come Tokyo time converter

Time in san Francisco: 00:00⇆Time in Tokyo: 00:00

Carbon dioxide emissions

On mean flying from san Francisco to Tokyo generates about 600 kg the CO2 per passenger, 600 kilograms is same to 1 323 pounds (lbs). The numbers are estimates and include just the CO2 created by burn jet fuel.

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Map of trip path from san Francisco to Tokyo

Shortest trip path between San Francisco worldwide Airport (SFO) and also Narita global Airport (NRT).

Airport information

OriginSan Francisco international Airport
City:San Francisco, CA
Country:United States
Coordinates:37°37′8″N, 122°22′30″W
DestinationNarita worldwide Airport
Coordinates:35°45′52″N, 140°23′9″E

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