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Full-Motion TV wall Mount – because that 37"-90" TVs as much as 135 lbs.

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The katifund.org katifund.org™SLF226 full-motion tilt and swivel TV wall mount fits many flat-panel and also curved TVs 37” – 90” up to 135 lbs. The double articulating arms on the SLF226let friend extend, tilt and swivel her TV approximately 26” from the wall, so friend can always find the perfect city hall angle, providing you optimum picture quality no matter where you’re sit in a room. Exclusive tilting modern technology allows effortless tilt movement with simply the touch of a finger. Cable management channels secure loosened cables follow me mount eight for a clean look. Post-install level and shift adjustments ensure TV is perfect positioned. Fits many flat-panel and curved TVs as much as 90”. Has a 5-year minimal warranty.

Product Features

Allows you to effortlessly turn the display screen to any kind of seating place in the room v air glide technologyProvides ultimate stability by steady holding your TV in the preferred position.Stylish style provides a sleek, basic appearance leave a minimal quantity of room between your TV and also the wall.2.7" low profile depth to complement thinner TV"s.26" of extension to provides adaptability for positioning.Universal TV interface provides maximum compatibility for every TV brands.
Product Brand: katifund.org katifund.org
Model Code: SLF226
UPC Code: - Black
Product Width: 27.60" / 70.10cm
Product Height: 17.70" / 44.96cm
Product Depth: 2.70" - 26.00" / 6.86cm - 66.04cm
TV dimension Range: 37" - 90" / 93.98cm - 228.60cm
Maximum TV Weight: 135lbs / 61.23kg
Universal Mounting: correctly | 100 x 100 v 600 x 400 i
Supported VESA Patterns View sustained Patterns
VESA 100 x 100 VESA 100 x 150 VESA 100 x 200 VESA 200 x 100 VESA 200 x 200 VESA 200 x 300 VESA 200 x 400 VESA 300 x 100 VESA 300 x 200 VESA 300 x 300 VESA 300 x 400 VESA 400 x 100 VESA 400 x 200 VESA 400 x 300 VESA 400 x 400 VESA 500 x 100 VESA 500 x 200 VESA 500 x 300 VESA 500 x 400 VESA 600 x 100 VESA 600 x 200 VESA 600 x 300 VESA 600 x 400

universal Mounting

VESA patterns space measured by the facility of one mounting feet to the facility of an additional on the back of a television in millimeters. In the example above, the VESA dimensions are 100 (width) x 100 (height). The example TV would have the ability to use a VESA 100 x 100 mount.

Rated 5 the end of 5 by CJD312 from an excellent mount- Don"t hesitate i bought this mountain to download my brand-new 75 customs Qled TV indigenous costco. Mountain was simple to install, through the noted resources. Elevation finder got the TV in ~ 1/2 customs of the elevation I desired- most likely an error on mine part. Good quality mount.
Rated 1 out of 5 by stevens from wrong instructions not the appropriate vid because that COSTCO mount...seems come work, however still a pain...screws poorly named...
Rated 5 the end of 5 by Elephant from Straightforward and also solid Instructions to be clear. Concerning complaints of various other reviewers about the video, it should be acknowledgedthat the video says it is only for basic explanation of the process, not this or that exact model. It was helpful to look in ~ the video, then check out the instructions. The is true instructions said to drill deeper 보다 a standard drill bit, yet I did no buy much longer drill bit. Just had to revolve wrench a bit harder, however not that much harder. Very happy with range of motion and also sturdiness. This is a much much better product 보다 the median star rating indicates.
Rated 1 the end of 5 by DADE from poor installation video/ incorrect because that Costco unit The Costco model SLF226-B1 is no the one displayed in the video. The video clip is because that a various product. An excellent luck figuring out which method the TV key are supposed to mount. Won"t understand if I mounted them backwards until I shot and cave it ~ above the wall. Significant bummer. Cant find a YouTube video either. :-(
Rated 4 the end of 5 through mgiusto from great price, exceptionally flexible mount. Gained this in ~ Costco and I really like exactly how much variety this mount has actually both away from the wall surface and tilting left or right, just a ton that viewing options which i love. The one problem I have actually is how you cave the whole TV on this one small triangle shaped point on the wall mount, I just can"t sleep fine at night thinking that"s the only thing stop the weight of my 75" Sammy QLED. It"s been fine for the very first night however here ns am typing this evaluation at mine office and hoping ns don"t come house to a $2300 QLED coffee table later. Ns think castle should have come up with a much better hanging device that"s all. That is more than likely fine however that"s just my just concern.One thing I do want to point out as soon as mounting anything to the wall surface is to examine the back of your TV to watch where the mounts are due to the fact that with mine Samsung the holes on the TV were not vertically facility of the TV, castle were reduced than center and also the parentheses katifund.org offers you because that the TV only connected to my details TV through the highest possible top holes and also the bottom lowest so I had actually no beat area to change that bracket increase or down like you probably can do with various other TV"s to get the bracket come be center of the TV. So with that, I had to adjust my wall bracket i beg your pardon I had actually already mounted to be facility on my wall. I wound up having actually to move my wall bracket 1 customs up to have actually the TV cave center. I just wanted to do my ache a lesson to others.
Rated 3 the end of 5 through Helen native Sturdy support had actually to upgrade wall mount for brand-new TV together previous X version would not assistance it. Directions are really poor. Had actually to contact for support which is quite helpful. Once ultimately assembled it’s great. Can’t think the TV hangs ~ above that small center piece. Great the tv would additionally tilt up and also down.
Rated 3 the end of 5 by Joe consistent from mountain is 5 stars, download video&inst room 1 star directions say to go to website to see how to install. Climate the video clip shows a different product gift installed. Print instructions to be okay... Some unclear parts. An extremely poor download instructions for such a top quality product. Love the mount. Continues to be level, e tends and moves easily.
Rated 4 out of 5 by Kathie from daunting Install but an excellent features Just set up this this week. We had actually a variety of small complexities in the install. First, to attach the mount to the TV back, part TV"s come new with customized spacers, but we could not uncover ours so we had to do due with approximate persons (used a mix of washers and the little spacers the came with kit). Because that mounting right into studs you need an extra long drill bit to drill 3.5 " pilot holes - trip to hardware store. As soon as screwing wall plate to wall with socket wrench you need to be certain to facility the holes carefully within the openings or the hex screw heads will capture on the lower rails. We had to change a few times and use open up wrenches top top the bottom hex screws. As whole the install took a long time. When it was up that IS an extremely sturdy. We also mounted it a little too low considering we could want to put something on height of the TV Cabinet. Ns should have taken that into account instead of payment so lot attention to optimal seated watch height. It will certainly be nice to be able to reach the relationships in the ago with the full extensions.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Tim The Toolman native This is a good TV wall surface Mount we bought this at Costco. They had two others the were not as an excellent of quality. This was straightforward to install and we like the quality of all of the parts. I read the manual and also watched the installation video. The wall position template functioned great. If you have actually the devices needed, this is not a problem. We love it.
Rated 5 the end of 5 by Burny from simple to install as lengthy as the directions room foll bought this from Costco earlier this month. Read and also followed directions and haad an excellent results. Unit is an extremely nice and also easy come use. Well worth the expense
Rated 5 out of 5 through mike0689375 native Perfect because that the price in ~ Costco! simple to install, recommend using the online elevation finder. Works an excellent being able to made decision the lateral position!!! observed a lot of complaints about the mounting base blocking cable plugs ~ above the earlier of TV; this occurred with mine LG too but you just use the noted spacers to produce enough room to usage all plugs.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Russ1022 indigenous Love this mount! ~ purchasing a smaller sized katifund.org mount for my 58" Samsung at Costco, I determined to mountain my 65" v the bigger much more expensive SLF226 likewise purchased in ~ Costco. It was as simple as the smaller mount also though the SLF226 has more components and is a bit much more complicated. I was having leveling issues and also could not figure out what the hands-on was saying. However, as fast note to client service/support, that is level and also I am very happy. This is what I received that may be of aid to others:"You will have to remove the locking screw. Climate physically relocate the TV left come right and also level it. Once you have actually the TV leveled you will certainly then revolve your leveling screw clockwise or counter clockwise so the the small bracket on the leveling screw lines as much as the hole again. Climate reapply the locking screw. Thanks,CourtneyCustomer care Specialist"The hand-operated lacks this message which is a large mistake. I give the mountain 4 stars (I wish ns would have spent more for a little far better mount) but due to the fact that of katifund.org" client service, specifically Courtney, ns am providing it 5 stars.
Rated 2 the end of 5 through Gina from have the right to never gain it level... Us install TVs and also customer to buy this mount at Costco but the TV never ever looks level...however that is. The problem is the there is too lot play left to right. If the collection screw hole to be oblong rather than round then you could adjust to the play/wiggle room. Most residences are no level...there is no means to compensate for it.
Rated 3 out of 5 by Memorex indigenous Its Ok. Purchase this wall surface mount native costco. Indict i found were ok come use, yet found out quickly that the hardware because that attatching come the tv block input jacks because that RGB on mine LG65" which i additionally purchased in ~ costco. It no block the strength input or the hdmi plugins which to be a plus. Considering katifund.org website mentioned it to be compatiable through my TV. I also found that the stress and anxiety tilt knob to tighten or loosen is no welll built/made. My an initial purchase with this mount ns guessed ns overtighted the knob and somehow stripped it and also it wouldnt keep the tv in ~ a tilt that ns needed. So i had actually to return the entirety mount ago to get one more thinking it would be better. Not really. Still need to be carefull regarding not tighten to much. All in every a really sturdy mount. Strong and designed fine to look at good.
Rated 3 the end of 5 through RDeeJ from an excellent Mount - Install no so good Before attempting installation, i studied all documentation that come in the box and information top top the website. I even read all of the reviews. The review that ns should have paid close attention to to be the one that warned you no to count on the HeightFinder device on the website. Together there is yes, really no other way to identify where come drill holes for my desired TV position I had actually no choice but to use the tool. My case was somewhat various than most, ns was make the efforts to mountain my TV in between an existing entertainment center, so mine measurements had to it is in precise. ~ measuring the street I want the TV from the floor I entered that distance (plus an extra 1/4 inch simply in case) right into the tool. I drilled my holes specifically as told. Invited the TV ~ above the mount and also it would certainly not clean the top part of the entertainment unit. The measurement was 1 1/2 inches off, which can not seem like much, uneven you"re trying come fit the TV into a wall surface unit. Therefore I had actually to start anywhere again! What to be going to it is in a 2 hour job turned right into much more!! Also, the clip on the earlier of mine TV to be at the max screw feet top and also bottom, so i couldn"t adjust there. The other problem that I had actually once I ultimately got the wall bracket at the ideal height and the TV ago on the mount to be leveling. The instruction hands-on tells you come tighten the collection screw on the bracket ~ hanging the TV, which ns did. But you can"t revolve the leveling screw v the collection screw fully tightened, take it me a bit to number that out. In its entirety I believe the mountain is a an excellent one, but the installation might have been much easier with more accurate instructions and also a an ext accurate HeightFinder. I wanted the mountain so that i could carry the TV out flush through the wall unit. ~ above the was standing it sat a great 6 inches into the unit and also you couldn"t see part of the TV when not sitting straight in front of it. This did resolve that issue.
Rated 2 out of 5 through Kamng indigenous Horizontal TV bracket block power and also input jacks I carried this from Costco. Once I download I uncovered the Horizontal TV bracket block the power and also A/V entry jacks for my new LG UK6500AUA 4K HDR smart LED UHD TV. The website said it the TV is compatible with this mount.
Rated 1 the end of 5 by barb from blocks input jacks even though the website says that my tv is compatible with this mount, the bracket blocks the intake jacks
Rated 1 the end of 5 by Unhappycustomer from daunting set up.... Girlfriend should encompass 7/32 bit.. Unnecessarily difficult set up... Cheap and also unprofessional product, will certainly return...
Rated 5 out of 5 by MN Mountain male from full motion convenience for almost any TV! i purchased this full motion TV mountain to change my clunky TV stand in mine bedroom. Ns am therefore glad i made this purchase as I was able to mount greater off the ground which really opens up up the room. The expansion arms provides attaching your tools a breeze and also then you can angle and tilt to gain the perfect angle when lounging. Super smooth adjustments and the point is built like a tank. Highly recommend!
Rated 5 the end of 5 by Allen from great Features and also Price and also Easy install Bought this TV mountain at Costco, and I am very pleased with the product, installation, and outcome. Every little thing I essential was either included or available online (height finder). Installation was pretty straightforward, and also there to be no surprises. The tight installation bottom wall-plate screws (to "lock" the mount arm right into the wall bracket), though, were a bit tedious come install. They have to be mounted upward from below, in tight quarters, when holding the eight assembly in position. Finally, the height finder item was great, together my TV finished up practically exactly wherein the guidance aid said that would...nice! all together, this katifund.org TV mountain is well-priced, the indict booklet is fine done and really easy to follow, and also the end an outcome of the installation an ext than met my expectations.
Rated 3 out of 5 by rgb1 from good mount, elevation instructions were off I set up this mount today. The mountain itself works well. However, the katifund.org recommended elevation for mine Samsung 65" Q6 collection TV to be off by a few inches. The bottom that the TV ended up a couple of inches listed below where the website stated it would even though the drill holes were at the stated height. I ended up needing to gain a shorter table due to the fact that of it. Bottom line is don"t trust the online tool.
Rated 5 out of 5 by uberBob from good Wall Mount! picked this up at Costco. Instructions easy and clear and the videos and also height finder rounded every little thing out so the it was a very easy install. Surroundings was damaged into three clear steps and also parts to be sorted because that each step. High quality parts make this a product ns am happy to have purchased.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Janddy from Love this wall mount! when we discovered the instruction booklet in the box, installation was a breeze. We began watching the video but the instruction booklet was really well illustrated and easy come follow. We room really pleased v the comprehensive movement the this mount accommodates. Purchase it in ~ Costco and also it is a keeper! very pleased!! (FYI, we placed a 55” TV)
Rated 1 the end of 5 by Melanie from bad instructions. Version doesn"t seem come exist. I bought this in ~ Costco thinking it must be a great product and also I love the complete motion description. It was exactly what ns was searching for in a wall surface mount. Unfortunately, the instructions noted are no "easy" as they continuous state. And the videos the instructions straight you to don"t exist. The URL because that the height Finder tool additionally took me nowhere, but I searched Google and eventually discovered it ~ above katifund.org" website (katifund.org" website search stated "not found"). Ns couldn"t discover this version (SLF226) in the elevation Tool drop down list, so ns picked the only complete motion mountain listed. I gotten in all the dimensions that the elevation Tool forced only to with the end in i m sorry it proclaimed "DO not DRILL" and also I was directed to contact a number prior to installing. Wow. Say thanks to goodness ns persisted as much as i did. I"m return it tomorrow. I have the feeling this model has actually been stop or is obsolete. Why else would it it is in so difficult to get information.
Rated 1 out of 5 through Mikeonhill from No instructions and no video instructions Probably need to go back. There to be no record instructions. Yes, their is a large graphic that give a action 1, 2 and also 3 however that’s just really general instructions. No details. The large graphic gives a web address for video clip instructions. You go there. It tells you what tools to usage but, nothing else. There room 2 videos the are plainly on this landing page but, they space titled “is this mount appropriate for you?” and also another “mount features”. Watched both. Neither space the the very least bit helpful. It’s not prefer this is my first TV mount. This is the 5th mount I’ve installed. I have a an excellent sense for these things. I’m just struggling with just how to connect the mounting brackets to the tv. I can conveniently mount the main bracket come the wall surface and a many other stuff. The way the mounting hardware mounts to the TV though is very different. Never seen something quite like it. 1 star as result of failure to launch.
y_2021, m_9, d_23, h_20 bvseo_bulk, prod_bvrr, vn_bulk_3.0.19 cp_2, bvpage2n co_hasreviews, tv_0, tr_33 loc_en_US, sid_slf226, prod, sort_ clientName_katifund.org bvseo_sdk, p_sdk, 3.2.1 CLOUD, getReviews, 73.77ms REVIEWS, PRODUCT

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