I have a X405BV-FHD3 Sceptre 40" tv with only 20hours or so of use. Last night I left it on and walked out of the room, when I came back a bit later it was off. I tried to power it on but it wouldn't. Usually there is an orange light on in the corner of the set that turns blue when you power it on. This orange light was not on. I have tried different outlets and no change, it seems to be completely dead. I unplugged it and took the back cover off, the power/inverter board looks ok to the eye, nothing seems burnt or bulged. Any thoughts?

I found a new power board on ebay.

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But im not sure how to test this current board before I drop $55 on a new one that might not be the problem.

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Hello Jonny360,

Is the TV new? If it only has 20 hours of use, is it still under warranty?

How well did you check for bulging? Sometimes the capacitors can buldge underneath, this is usually represented by a capacitor that is leaning to one side. It is also possible for capacitors to fail without any visible signs, if that happens you would need an ESR Meter to test the capacitors.

One last thing, another common issue and one I am potentially dealing with right now in my 32 inch Sceptre is a broken or faulty voltage regulator. I do not know how to test those yet, I will be learning shortly, when things get more serious into the electronics portion of repair, i usually recommend that you post on www.badcaps.net as they have more experienced electronics technicians who are members of the forums. If you are lucky buddymc may chime in, he is a wealth of knowledge.

Thank You

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Hi repair mod. I should check on the warranty. It was brand new in a box, but it was purchased off craigslist. So i'm not sure if they would honor a warranty or not.

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I'll take another look at the capacitors.

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