Grammy-winning solo artists, and also lead vocalist for the multi-platinum rock tape Creed, Scott Stapp has released a highly-charged lyric video clip for “World I used to Know,” in honor these days being national Voter registration Day.

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“World I provided to Know” has come to be a pan favorite native Stapp’s comeback album, The room Between the Shadows, and is thrust by an individual lyrics and also angst-ridden riffs, together arguments and also unrest operation rampant throughout the states.

The empowering, propulsive track is one observational critique that intentionally raises essential questions as it looks for to be saved from “tomorrow’s sins.”

Stapp explains, “We’re every wondering what’s next and hoping we can conveniently get ago to the civilization we knew just seven months ago. As we mask up and also maintain distance, it’s an ext important than ever before to usage your voice constructively. Your vote is her voice.”

Watch the new lyric video clip from Stapp below.



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