5huggy released today by Shadow ridge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaEDJZ18sKY What friend Will should "SURVIVE" The 2020 an international Recession similar themes video clip posted top top Kitco. IMHO don"t be surprised how far they can kick this have the right to down the road.

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Posted November 20, 2019
30 minutes ago, scotland210590 said:

Might sound selfish but im rather looking front to the economic crash thats incoming.

Ive been maintaining up with financial news this whole year, prior to that i had actually no idea how negative a state the human being is really in.

The price of living isnt sustainable anymore, houses prices room out of this world, whether her buying or renting. Salaries are practically unchanged contrasted with the true cost of living, one of my friends needs to do with time every main otherwise he i do not know afford food because that a few days. Ns a standard mechanic yet even i feel choose ive never obtained much money lie around, thats with my value and likewise any private job-related i could do.

I genuinely hope theres a huge reset ~ above the way, financial and social.

Itl be a unstable ride ~ above the method there but i expect its worth it.


this is no the view I would certainly take.

if you want a brighter future climate you placed in the

work/time come make personal progress(it"s takes

a long time however you would gain there eventually).

remember that oxfam ad where:

"if you provide a man a fish, he can eat fish because that a day.

if you give him a rod, he have the right to fish for days."

the point is, if you educate him in making rods

he deserve to make rods for himself when ever he needs

to. The will additionally be maybe to education his community

members in law the same. And what if the strives

for progression to teach himself just how to do rods?

he can then try to learn new skills without the help

of charities?

progress originates from yourself. Ns don"t think hoping

for a large reset to fix things is the method to go.


I can not it is in able to achieve things, yet I can

always dice trying.



trade in currency, conserve in gold

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Posted November 20, 2019


Posted November 20, 2019

Try informing that to human being in Venezuela..

So many world are tired of the current system, looks like 2008/2009 format crash is about to take place again. Moneys being published left right and also centre, companys are going into administration.

I commonly work 7 work a week in ~ a skilled trade simply to feel like i have actually some money spare in ~ the end of the month. As it claims in the video above, people have had actually it.

The means i view it, if alters that were made during the recession no work, then whats the next option?


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Posted November 21, 2019


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Posted November 21, 2019
10 hours ago, Abyss said:
5huggy released today by Shadow ridge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaEDJZ18sKY What you Will need to "SURVIVE" The 2020 worldwide Recession comparable themes video posted top top Kitco. IMHO don"t it is in surprised how far they can kick this have the right to down the road.


Shadow stack’s mortgage advise is trousers in my opinion.