I have actually been utilizing Google Maps ~ above the same phone (LG G4, katifund.org 6.0) for around 2 year now. Currently suddenly after ~ a Google Maps upgrade the phone has gps issues.It can uncover where i am and my direction (before i input any kind of destination) yet when navigation starts, every 5 secs or so I get a "Searching because that GPS" message and it can"t uncover where ns am.Needless come say that this has actually made the app useless together I cannot navigate anywhere.

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If I use other gps navigation apps such together HereWeGo every little thing works perfect so a general practitioners harware issue is no the case.

I also waited because that a new update come come, hoping that it could fix the issue, yet the issue persists. I have additionally deleted tha app"s cache and likewise deleted and also reinstalled the app. Tho nothing..

What happened with that update, and also how have the right to I settle that??

UPDATE: The problem might me a hardware concern as it started doing the on Waze and also HereWeGO.

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You can shot the complying with troubleshooting procedures to deal with the gps issue:

Setting place to high accuracy

On your phone or tablet, open the Settings application Settings .

Tap Location.

At the top, switch place on.

Tap Mode and then High accuracy.

Get a gps lock and different NTP server

Using an alternate location provider

You can exploit other different location suppliers e.g unified NLP that uses alternative location backends such together GSM location backend or Wifi location organization



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I had this problem in Cat S40 katifund.org 5.1 and also I found a equipment for this exact problem (when i did this solution, ns did not lose personal data, and also my contacts and also pictures, etc. Were no deleted).

I walk to settings > Apps > Google pat Services and also deleted Cache. Then, on the same screen, click Manage room button > click on the last switch to erase every data, then reboot your phone and also install all Google related updates. Make sure to re-sign in because that Google back-up (for me, after ns rebooted the phone, it provided me a warning that I have actually to collection the backup).

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