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QUESTION: What’s the distinction in between the seated and standing calf raise machines?ANSWER: Not surprisingly, tbelow is fairly a difference in between the seated and standing calf raise exercise in the way it works your calf muscle. Incompetent lifters frequently choose the wrong exercise to achieve their purposes because they execute not understand the anatomy of muscle. The calf is written of two different muscles: the gastrocnemius, which is easily visible providing the shape once your calf is flexed; and the soleus, which lies underneath the gastrocnemius, providing the depth to your calf. When you are doing standing calf raises you are efficiently working the gastrocnemius. When you are seated, the bent angle of your knee takes the larger gastrocnemius out of the movement thereby placing the majority of the workfill on the underlying soleus. The function of the soleus is precisely the same as the gastrocnemius, to raise the heel.

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The just distinction is that it works in a different place once the knee is bent. So, while it may seem logical that the 2 exercises are simply for the calves, in fact you must work the two muscles in different ways for full calf breakthrough.