Harry/ our analytics supermale has actually gone to it aget, working out just how to get rid of somepesky bot website traffic (otherwise known as referral spam) that’s been messing up our Google Analytics. If you’re struggling via exactly how to rerelocate recent bot website traffic, or are unsure what bot traffic even is, Harry (as usual) has actually all the answers…

If anyone is seeing a spike in social website traffic to their webwebsite in Google Analytics from “reddit” (note lowercase ‘r’) or traffic through the detected language “Secret.?oogle.com You are invited! Enter only through this ticket URL. Copy it. Vote for Trump!”you can conveniently filter this from your data view.

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This spike will look somepoint favor this:


Our day selection was November 24th to December fourth via a total of roughly 380 sessions, which looked choose pretty irconsistent traffic. This information reflects as social referral website traffic (i.e. the same place you see website traffic from Facebook, Twitter etc.) via the social network labelled as “reddit”. Typically it is very hard, if not impossible, to remove all information from a details social network-related (source: Google: “You cannot, for instance, filter on Social Netoccupational to exclude facebook.com”). However, in this instance, that traffic is also connected via the detected language:

Secret.?oogle.com You are invited! Get in just through this ticket URL. Copy it. Vote for Trump!

Fortunately, you have the right to filter a details language. Here’s how:

In your Google Analytics account go: Admin > Filters > + FilterFilter name: anything, we supplied “Language filter – “Secret.Google.com…””Filter type: CustomExclude: Filter Field: Language SettingsFilter Pattern: copy and paste the language over “Secret.?oogle.com You are invited! Go into just through this ticket URL. Copy it. Vote for Trump!“Check the “Case Sensitive” boxClick the “Verify this filter” – this have to show the difference as soon as the bot website traffic is filtered, as below:


Ours looked like this:



It’s worth noting that your filter can take up to 24 hrs to present in your dataand that this will only filter any kind of new data – it does not act retrospectively.

How deserve to I rerelocate it retrospectively?

Create a tradition segment.

Admin Tab > View > Segments+ New SegmentSegment name: anypoint, we provided “Exclude – Language – “Secret.Google.com…”Advanced > Conditions – pick Filter “Sessions” and “Exclude”Then collection the condition to be “Language” – “exactly matches” and also in the box paste the language: Secret.?oogle.com You are invited! Go into just through this ticket URL. Copy it. Vote for Trump!CLICK SAVE

Our looks prefer this:


Now go earlier to your Reporting tab and also in any area you can choose “+Add Segment” and also pick your new segment under the “Custom” tab and also click “Apply”. This will provide you a comparichild view:


And if you see traffic from the social referral resource “reddit”, that data is entirely removed:


If you don’t want the comparikid watch, you deserve to remove the segment “All Users” and only view the data through the bot traffic removed.

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Why on earth is someone doing this?

My answer is simple, human being do weird stuff. But for even more indevelopment, examine out this write-up on thenextweb:

Having spoken to among the technological staff at Google it sounds as though they are mindful that this is an error via Google Analytics and are looking to add it to their very own standard filters. It won’t, however, affect retrospective data.If you’re looking for help getting to grips through Google Analytics, get in touch this particular day. From consultancytoanalytics monitoring and training, we’ve got you spanned.