With an extra-high volume card for photos and videos, the SanDisk memory card helps make certain you"re able to capture treasured moments before they pass. The super-fast data move speeds permit you to shoot image in fast succession.

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With one extra-high volume card for photos and videos, the SanDisk memory map helps make certain you"re able to catch treasured moments prior to they pass. The super-fast data carry speeds permit you come shoot picture in quick succession.

Ultra plus SDXC card is an excellent for compact-to-midrange point-and-shoot digital cameras and camcorders.128GB memory map provides space for your digital media.Recording performance with class 10 and UHS Speed course 1 (U1) for full HD video (1080p).Resistant come water, excessive temperatures, x-rays and also shocks.Use the provided label to easily identify what is ~ above the card.
OfficeMax #25255125
Manufacturer #SDSDUSC-128G-AN6IN
storage capacity128 GB
Card FormatSecure Digital
WarrantyLimited Lifetime
Speed class RatingClass 10/UHS-I (U1)
brand nameSanDisk
Product TypeMemory Card





Great for Point-and-Shoot Cameras and Camcorders

Whether catching your kid’s soccer complement or a family members celebration, the SanDisk Ultra add to SDXC UHS-I cards are an excellent for point-and-shoot cameras and camcorders.

Ultra-fast Cards for much better Pictures and Full HD Video

The SanDisk Ultra plus SDXC UHS-I Card uses a write speed that is faster than plain memory cards6 come take much better pictures and videos.

Full HD video clip Capture

The SanDisk Ultra add to SDXC UHS-I map delivers dual the speed and also exceptional video recording performance with video clip Speed class 10 (V10), course 10 and also UHS Speed class 1 (U1) for complete HD video clip (1080)5

Easy transfer to your Laptop

Move pictures and videos come your computer system in much less time v the SanDisk Ultra to add SDXC UHS-I card or you can even use it as extra storage for your laptop.

Durable style for use in too much Environments

SanDisk Ultra plus SDXC UHS-I Cards are shockproof, temperature-proof, waterproof, X-ray-proof4, for this reason you deserve to enjoy her adventures there is no worrying around the to trust of your memory card.

Technical Details

Form FactorAvailable CapacitiesPerformance/speedCard DimensionsOperating TemperatureStorage TemperatureCompatibility
SDHC™ (32GB), SDXC™ (64GB, 128GB)
32GB, 64GB, 128GB1
Up to 80MB/s* check out speed; write speed lower
0.94" x 1.25" x 0.08" (24 mm x 32 mm x 2.1 mm)
-13°F to 185°F (-25°C come 85°C)
-40°F come 185°F (-40°C come 85°C)
Compatible with SDHC™ and also SDXC™ and also SDHC and SDXC UHS allowed devices
Security: Built-in write-protect switch stays clear of accidental data lossSupport: Lifetime limited warranty3

Not all gadgets support SDXC™ memory map formats. Inspect with your machine manufacturer for more details.
footnote*Up to 80MB/sec check out speed; write rate lower. Based on internal testing; performance may be lower depending on host device. 1MB=1,000,000 bytes.
footnote2Full HD (1920x1080) video support might vary based upon hold device, file attributes, and also other factors. See www.sandisk.com/HD.
footnote4See product packaging and also www.sandisk.com/proof for added information and limitations.

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footnote5UHS Speed course 1 designates a performance option designed come support genuine time video clip support might vary based upon host device, document attributes and also other factors. See www.sandisk.com/HD

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