-Get your home development questions reply by Leah! we can"t always answer people"s concerns on various other platforms, due to the fact that we acquire hundreds of them every week. However, supporters at the $5 and above level will always get a solution from Leah, right right here on katifund.org.

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Who we AreSee jane Drill is led by Leah Bolden, a journey-level craftswoman in she trade, and skilled-trades instructor. See Jane Drill has a tiny additional employee that works v Leah to do DIY home advancement videos the empower the average human to feel confident around taking on your own house repairs and improvements. Us don"t assume the you understand anything coming in, and also we present detailed, step-by-step instructions for every job, so the after watching our videos, girlfriend really can say to you yourself "I deserve to do this".Why Does watch Jane Drill need support?Your support enables us to store investing in making cost-free how-to videos because that the watch Jane Drill youtube channel. We currently offer over 250 DIY videos in a huge selection of topics, and also we room passionate about keeping our resources complimentary and accessible to everyone.Whether you room a brand-new homeowner v a fixer-upper, a solitary mom, a husband v a huge "honey-do" list, or a young adult hope to enter the construction trades, us are below to support and empower you. If you have constantly wanted come learn how to fix a lamp, how to set up and also use an waiting compressor, or also just some exciting facts about your ice cream measure, we have something for you. Where will certainly my money go?See woman Drill is mostly self-funded. That"s right, v the exception of regular sponsored videos with other companies, we shoulder all the costs of camera equipment, lighting and also sound equipment, tools and shop equipment, and also the products needed to finish training videos.In order come continue and expand check out Jane Drill"s library of complimentary how-to videos, including the upcoming distinct edition, "See woman Drill on the Road", we require the support of people as with you. What"s in it for me?First of all, girlfriend will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing come a reason that helps and also empowers anyone who desires to learn how to create, repair and restore their own stuff. Also, together a patron at any kind of level, girlfriend will get our gratitude for your patronage, which helps us to store producing good content because that everyone. At the $5 per month or more level, friend will get high priority responses from Leah on your home advancement questions. If you are acquainted with our channel, you understand that Leah tries come answer as numerous questions together she can, and also gives thoughtful, thorough responses come viewers. However, as our viewership has actually grown, it isn"t always feasible to price every question that us receive. Together a patron, friend would relocate to the former of the line, and also your concerns will get very first consideration. At succeeding levels, over there are an ext goodies that you have the right to read around in the rewards section.

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What if ns can"t bought to assistance See woman Drill financially?Don"t worry around it! check out Jane Drill will constantly be cost-free to everyone, so don"t come to be a patron if the would reason you any type of hardship.
When we reach the $3000 level, we will have the ability to make much-needed upgrades come the check out Jane Drill Workshop. This updates encompass camera and audio equipment, and tools and also materials.