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A who"s-who of carmakers, technology companies, and ride-sharing startups are joining forces to press the federal federal government on the problem of self-driving cars. Ford, Google, Uber, Lyft, and Volvo announced Tuesday the formation of the Self-Driving Coalition for safer Streets, a lobbying group with the express objective of advocating autonomous driving. It"s a power move by some of the most high-profile surname behind the still nascent technology, made at a time as soon as regulators and also policymakers in Washington, DC space still wrapping their heads about the concept of self-driving cars.

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"Self-driving vehicle an innovation will do America"s highways safer and less congested."

The coalition will certainly be headed up through David Strickland, a former administrator that the nationwide Highway website traffic Safety management (NHTSA). He will certainly serve as the group"s counsel and spokesperson. In essence, Strickland will be lobbying his former agency, which has actually been tasked by department of transport Secretary Anthony Foxx come come up with a collection of rules because that self-driving dare by early summer.

"Self-driving vehicle technology will do America"s roadways safer and also less congested," Strickland stated in a statement. "The best path because that this invention is to have one clear collection of commonwealth standards, and the Coalition will work-related with policymakers to discover the right solutions that will certainly facilitate the deployment that self-driving vehicles."

The timing of the announcement is far-reaching because NHTSA is around to convene the second of two public hearings on self-driving cars. The first was organized at DOT"s headquarters in Washington, DC. The second is Wednesday in ~ Stanford university in the love of Silicon Valley.

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Google has been the many visible firm to test self-driving technology, with dozens of self-driving Lexus SUVs and also Google-designed prototypes racking up end a million mile of autonomous control in 3 US cities. Ford has actually been experimentation its own modern technology on the Dearborn, Michigan, campus; meanwhile Uber is structure its own research facility dedicated to self-driving dare in Pittsburgh. Lyft recently teamed up with general Motors (which is noticeably not a member the the coalition) to produce a fleet of self-driving, for-hire vehicles. And Volvo announced its setup to test 100 autonomous vehicles in China.