In the Clock application

, friend can set regular alarms for any time of day and have lock repeat top top one or much more days that the week.

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Note: The wake up Up alert in Clock is set in the Health app as part of a full sleep schedule (including bedtimes, wake up up times, and more). If friend don’t desire to set up a sleep schedule, girlfriend can collection a continuous alarm in Clock for the time you want to wake up up.

You can set regular alarms for any kind of time, including one for the moment you want to wake up up. (A consistent alarm is unrelated to any sleep schedule.)

Tap Alarm, then tap



Set the time, climate choose any type of of the adhering to options:

Repeat: select the job of the week.

Label: provide the alert a name, prefer “Water the plants.”

Sound: pick a vibration, song, or ringtone.

Snooze: provide yourself a few more minutes of sleep.

Tap Save.

To adjust the alarm, tap edit at the optimal left, climate tap the alarm time.

To remove a continuous alarm in the Clock app, tap edit at the height left, madness the Delete switch

, climate tap Delete.

The wake up up alarm in the Clock app shows the following wake increase time in her sleep schedule (if you’ve set up a sleep schedule in the wellness app). Although girlfriend don’t set the wake up alarm in Clock, you can make transforms to the in Clock ~ you’ve set up a sleep schedule.

Tap Alarm, then tap Change.

Adjust her sleep and wake times.


to adjust your wake up up time,
to change your bedtime, or the semicircle in between the symbols to change both times simultaneously.

Scroll under to Alarm choices to adjust any the the following:

Wake increase Alarm: tap to turn the alarm turn off or on.

Sounds & Haptics: madness to pick a vibration or ringtone.

Alarm volume: traction the slider.

Snooze: turn on to offer yourself a couple of more minute of sleep.


To make changes to your sleep schedule that extend beyond your following wake increase alarm, tap edit Sleep Schedule in Health. (See include or adjust sleep schedules in health and wellness on iPhone).

Turn turn off the next wake increase alarm

You can turn turn off the next wake increase alarm in her sleep schedule, or you have the right to turn off every wake increase alarms because that a sleep schedule.

Tap Alarm, then tap Change.

Scroll under to alarm Options, then turn off wake up Up Alarm.

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Tap Done, then choose one of the following:

Change following Alarm Only

Change This Schedule

Remove the wake up alarm

You have the right to remove the wake up alarm by deleting or transforming off your sleep schedules.