Now five Ways to clock Sewing through Nancy!

Back in 1982 as soon as the an initial Sewing v Nancy show aired, never ever did i dream; #1, that I’d quiet be record shows and also #2 that the display would be easily accessible on many channels. (Not to mention that in 1982 no one had a clue about the internet!) here are the five choices for learning around sewing, quilting, and embroidering at her convenience.

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New! Watch Sewing with Nancy on YouTube

Watch full episodes the Sewing through Nancy on the main Sewing through Nancy YouTube Channel. The 2800 series of Sewing with Nancy is obtainable to watch now. Added full episodes will be included every 2 months or so. I ordered it to the Sewing v Nancy YouTube Channel to receive notifications when brand-new programs space added.

New! clock Sewing with Nancy on create TV

Create TV is now airing the 2800 collection of Sewing with Nancy. At the start of this year, 2017, episodes from the 2800 series started to air on Tuesdays and also Thursdays in ~ 6:00 to be ET, add to a repeat at 12:30 afternoon ET. To discover a create TV station (and schedule) close to you, visit CreateTV.com


Watch Sewing through Nancy ~ above Your local PBS Station

Sewing v Nancy, TV’s longest-running sewing program, continues the tradition of bringing the best in contemporary sewing, quilting, and embroidering principles to public television viewers. Watch on a PBS Station near you.



Watch Sewing with Nancy On your Computer

You can easily watch Sewing through Nancy online v your computer, laptop, tablet, or cell phone device. Merely go come katifund.org and click top top Watch Videos. The newest programs—over four seasons—are easily accessible to clock at her convenience.


 Watch Sewing through Nancy On your Mobile Device

Did you understand you deserve to watch Sewing with Nancy on your mobile device? use the PBS app, easily accessible for to apologize iPhones, iPads, Xbox 360, to apologize TV, Amazon Fire TV, and also Roku! The application is free; all you need is one internet link with Wi-Fi to watch the latest episodes. The videos have actually been specially developed for the screen you’re the town hall on; us hope you think they look terrific. Download Apple’s iOS app. Please provide it a whirl and also let me understand what girlfriend think!

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And friend Can constantly Watch your Favorite Sewing with Nancy Television shows on DVD!


What’s her favorite method to clock Sewing with Nancy? Share your comments below for a chance to victory a Supersize 5-in-1 slide Gauge from Clover Needlecraft.

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The randomly selected winner the a copy of Sew simple with Rectangles & Squares from Nancy’s Notions is Patti.

Her comment was, “Awesome! great way to ring up the dog toys with a cute fabric design. Just put up open up shelves in the bathroom. Perfect way to save items on new shelves verses bins or baskets.”

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