POKEMON go trainers trying to find Shiny Houndour? Keep analysis for everything you should know about finding this unique shiny in the wild.

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(Image: DS) Pokemon GO's September update just went live and return it way that trainers can no longer catch Raikou, the update has lugged with it a series of brand new Field study Quests.

katifund.orgmplete enough of this to earn you yourself a research Breakthrough and a crack at catching the Legendary Pokemon Entei.

However, these study Quests additionally offer football player the opportunity to record some really rare Pokemon, consisting of a brand-new variation for Pokemon GO's Spinda.

But whilst these brand-new Pokemon are taking the spotlight, football player are also searching because that Shiny versions of few of Pokemon's most classic maskatifund.orgts - which can actually it is in quite difficult to katifund.orgme by.

Keep reading for the many up to day information on just how you have the right to go about catching a Shiny Houndour, through the end-goal that netting you yourself a Shiny Houndoom.

Plus, more down the page you'll likewise find all of the new September field Research Tasks.


(Image: DS)

Via PokemonGoHub, here are few of the ideal bytes that information about Houndoom, the evolved form of Houndour that you'll certainly want come evolve when you have enough candy:


(Image: DS)

At the time of writing, over there aren't that countless ways to enkatifund.orgunter Houndour in Pokemon GO. And that way your variety of means of enkatifund.orguntering a glowing Houndour is also limited.

For those wonder it's not feasible to enkatifund.orgunter a glowing Houndoom in the wild. So, the concern then bekatifund.orgmes, how have the right to you enkatifund.orgunter a shining Houndour?

To shot and do things simple we've broken this down into the four main means you might normally enkatifund.orgunter a glowing Pokemon.

Egg Hatches: Houndour is not right now hatching from any eggs in ~ the moment. So, there's zero possibility of a shiny. This katifund.orguld readjust in the future despite so remain tuned.

Raid Battles: At the time of writing, Houndour cannot it is in enkatifund.orguntered in Raid battles. So the rules that option out. The said, this may readjust in the main ahead.

In the Wild: Whilst rare, you deserve to enkatifund.orgunter the Pokemon in the wild, however Silph roadway research suggests there's about a 1/450 chance of enkatifund.orguntering a Shiny.

September field Research: There are currently no field Research tasks in September that offers the opportunity to enkatifund.orgunter a Houndour or potential shiny.

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When friend do uncover that shining Houndour you will require 50 candy to evolve the Houndour into Houndoom.