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Shiny Lillipup Guide

Where To uncover Shiny Lillipup

Lillipup can be found in the wild, partly cloudy weather problems will an increase its spawn rate because of being a normal type.

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They have the right to be discovered in study Encounters and also Raids too.

Lillipup will be in the Spotlight on January 5th.

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How come Evolve glowing Lillipup come Shiny Herdier

Evolving shining Lillipup will develop Herdier.

It bring away 25 Candy.

If you have enough pick it and your Pokemon will evolve.

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How to Evolve shining Herdier to Shiny Stoutland

Next, you"ll desire to rotate Shiny Herdier right into Shiny Stoutland!

You"ll need 100 Candy.

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