The remote past of 2011 marked the start of a new beginning for total Wargames as it to be the year us were cure to the release of Shogun 2: total War (as it was well-known at the time). Focusing on feudal Japan throughout the Sengoku period, it to be the sequel come the iconic game that started the entirety series, and it also represented a lot needed return to kind after the rockyperiods of realm & Napoleon: complete War before it.

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Today, eight years after Shogun 2 obtained its last major patches & DLC, creative Assembly is publication a new map because that everyone’s favourite samurai game.

Ok, technically it’s an old map – the battle of Kawagoe was a bonus scenario anyone who pre-ordered the game via GameStop was given as an incentive ago in 2011. The depicts a fight fought at the finish of the Siege of Kawagoe Castle, whichtook placein 1546-46. The Hojo clan introduced a successful night time counterattack versus the besieging Uesugi clan, time their assault with the arrival of reinforcements.

As component of SEGA’s basic 60th anniversary celebrations (which runs till October 19), an imaginative Assembly has determined to officially do this map playable come everyone. Before now, you can only beat the battle via mods which unlocked the – prefer this one – but now it will certainly be obtainable for free to all, mods or no.


That user base, as it happens, was increased substantially earlier in April this year when 4.8 million extra human being claimed the game for complimentary over a 4 day period. This was when an innovative Assembly ran its’ ‘Stay Home, conserve Lives’ project at the begin of the coronavirus pandemic, which also involved discounts ~ above other complete War games.

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The battle of Kawagoe map is obtainable right now, but you should grab that from that is own heavy steam page. An innovative Assembly has specifically credited ar member ‘Roker222’ for arguing the idea.

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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

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