If you’re analysis this, it indicates you likely finimelted binging the seventh and final seaboy of Orange Is the New Black and are searching for somepoint to fill that Litchfield Penitentiary-sized hole in your heart. While we can’t make the women of Litchfield return to your tv, we do understand a few shows that are pretty comparable to the critically-acasserted Netflix series. Here are salso of them. 


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Like Oselection Is the New Black, Wentworth is a female-centric prikid drama. But, as The New York Times puts it, the Australian series is a “darker, grittier” version. We don’t desire to say also a lot and also provide ameans any essential details, but if you’re prepared to get your binge on, you deserve to begin watching on Netflix.

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If you’re in search of a show bursting via diverse characters and gripping plotlines, look no better than Shameless. This Showtime drama focuses on the Gallagher household, which could be the most dyspractical team of people you’ll ever before view. The father spends a lot of of his time drinking in bars and also scamming human being out of money while the kids basically ffinish for themselves.

If that sounds up your alley, you have the right to get in on the madness on Netflix.

Girls Incarcerated

This Netflix docuseries focuses on the resides of teenage girls serving time behind bars for mainly petty offenses prefer drug and also alcohol use. But, as BuzzFeed News notes, occasionally, tbelow are harsher cases, including battery and also auto theft. Executive producer Nick Rigg described the display as “Ovariety Is the New Black for a 13 Reasons Why generation.” But unprefer those shows, Girls Incarcerated is truly the actual deal.

The L Word

The L Word is another display that will accomplish your require for drama. While it’s not as major as a priboy drama, it does emphasis on comparable themes of LGBTQ problems, the treatment of women, and also more. There’s additionally a fair share of romantic relationships. So if you took pleasure in watching Piper Chapguy and Alex Vausage on Ovariety Is the New Black, you’ll absolutely love couples prefer Shane McCutcheon and also Carmales de la Pica Morales.

The Showtime series finished its six-seaboy run back in 2009, however the present is being revived. You deserve to catch up on all you’ve missed on Netflix before the brand-new seakid airs later on this year.


Bustle explains Netflix’s Jailbirds as “the real-life variation of Oselection Is the New Black.” The display zeroes in on California’s Sacramento County Jail and also the inmates that live there. Many kind of of them are incarcerated on a range of offenses, consisting of murder, robbery, and also assault with a deadly weapon, E! News reports.

“These world are various in below, these favor wild baboons,” one inmate states in the trailer.

But it’s not all bite. The present additionally delves into a collection of platonic and also romantic relationships. You deserve to watch the initially seakid on Netflix currently.


Remember just how Piper Chapguy finished up at Litcharea for her duty in a crime ring? Well, that’s type of the situation with Marty Byrde, however he’s not in prichild (yet). He’s a financial planner that gets captured up in a money-laundering scheme, forcing him to pay off a far-reaching debt to a Mexihave the right to drug lord in exreadjust for his family’s safety and security. But it’s not as basic as it sounds. With dealers down his earlier and the police on his trail, Byrde hregarding find a means out — quick.

The Netflix series is heading right into its third seakid, so you might desire to go ahead and gain began on it if you’re interested.

That ‘70s Show

At initially glance, it might seem favor this one is in no way similar to Orange Is the New Black. But, for starters, it does function Laura Prepon — who you might recognize as Alex Vause. She plays Donna Pinciotti, a witty, red-headed teenager who has a tendency to get into trouble with her aimmuch less pals. At one point, some of them also end up behind bars.

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You can catch all of the seasons on Netflix.