If you’re analysis this, it means you likely finished binging the seventh and also final season that Orange Is the brand-new Black and also are trying to find something to fill the Litchfield Penitentiary-sized feet in your heart. While us can’t make the women of Litchfield return to your television, we do recognize a couple of shows that room pretty similar to the critically-acclaimed Netflix series. Right here are 7 of them. 


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Like Orange Is the brand-new Black, Wentworth is a female-centric prison drama. But, together The new York Times put it, the Australian series is a “darker, grittier” version. We don’t want to say as well much and give away any key details, but if you’re ready to obtain your binge on, you have the right to start city hall on Netflix.

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If you’re looking for a show bursting with varied characters and gripping plotlines, watch no more than Shameless. This Showtime drama focuses on the Gallagher family, which might be the most dysfunctional group of world you’ll ever before see. The father spends most of his time drinking in bars and also scamming world out of money while the children basically fend because that themselves.

If the sounds up her alley, friend can get in ~ above the insanity on Netflix.

Girls Incarcerated

This Netflix docuseries focuses on the stays of teenage girls serving time behind bars for mainly petty offenses choose drug and alcohol use. But, together BuzzFeed News notes, sometimes, there are harsher cases, consisting of battery and auto theft. Executive producer Nick Rigg defined the display as “Orange Is the new Black for a 13 factors Why generation.” but unlike those shows, Girls Incarcerated is important the actual deal.

The l Word

The together Word is another show that will accomplish your require for drama. While it’s not as severe as a jail drama, it does emphasis on similar themes the LGBTQ issues, the treatment of women, and also more. There’s likewise a fair share the romantic relationships. So if you appreciated watching Piper Chapman and also Alex Vause top top Orange Is the brand-new Black, you will do it absolutely love couples like Shane McCutcheon and also Carmen de la Pica Morales.

The Showtime series ended that six-season run back in 2009, yet the show is being revived. Friend can catch up on every you’ve missed on Netflix prior to the new season airs later this year.


Bustle explains Netflix’s Jailbirds together “the real-life version of Orange Is the new Black.” The show zeroes in ~ above California’s Sacramento ar Jail and also the inmates that live there. Countless of them space incarcerated on a variety of offenses, including murder, robbery, and assault v a deadly weapon, E! News reports.

“These civilization are various in here, these prefer wild baboons,” one inmate says in the trailer.

But it’s not all bite. The show additionally delves right into a series of platonic and also romantic relationships. You can watch the an initial season ~ above Netflix now.


Remember just how Piper Chapman finished up in ~ Litchfield because that her function in a crime ring? Well, that’s sort of the situation with Marty Byrde, yet he’s no in prison (yet). He is a financial planner who gets captured up in a money-laundering scheme, forcing him to pay turn off a significant debt come a Mexican drug lord in exchange for his family’s safety. However it’s no as straightforward as the sounds. V dealers under his back and the police ~ above his trail, Byrde has actually to uncover a method out — fast.

The Netflix collection is heading into its 3rd season, for this reason you might want to walk ahead and also get started on it if you’re interested.

That ‘70s Show

At first glance, it might seem choose this one is in no means similar come Orange Is the new Black. But, because that starters, the does function Laura Prepon — that you can know together Alex Vause. She plays Donna Pinciotti, a witty, red-headed teenager who tends to acquire into trouble with her aimless pals. At one point, some of them even end up behind bars.

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You can catch every one of the periods on Netflix.