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Lyrics and Music by Mark Lee, Marc Byrd, and also Third DayFrom the recording: Come With Each Other, Track #3.I recorded a glimpse of Your splendorIn the edge of my eyeThe most beautiful thing I"ve ever before seenAnd it was choose a flash of lightningReflected off the skyAnd I recognize I"ll never be the sameSjust how me Your glorySend down Your presenceI want to check out Your faceSjust how me Your gloryMajesty shines around YouI can not go on without You, LordWhen I climb dvery own the mountainAnd get back to my lifeI won"t resolve for plain thingsI"m gonna follow You foreverAnd for every one of my daysI won"t remainder "til I view You againSexactly how me Your glorySjust how me Your gloryI can"t live without You
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