allright so the creation kit has been released from beta first of all why do we have to use the bethesda launcher? because it starts with the data map empty, once all esm files are copied it first thing happening at my creation kit when loading the standard files ... creation kit 2.0 stopped working .... immediately when it is about to load the files ....

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so then the next thing coming up after that, multiple master files are an issue as well, how the .... 


please need some help immediately!!!

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thnx frogprincess

i"m a total newb with this s*** so, well .... as you can see, you get s*** like this

I"ve been doing that, but it doesn"t fix the constant crashing. I added the bAllowMultipleMasterLoads=1 and everything. Maybe I"m missing a step?


I know the issues with the crashing in the old CK was by changing bEnableAudio=1 to 0, but I don"t have a SkyrimEditor.ini in my main folder of SSE. Am I suppose to? O.o

1.  Locate your CreationKit.ini file.  (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition)


2.  Add "bAllowMultipleMasterLoads=1" (without the quotes) under the section.  Anywhere will work.

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3.  Scroll down to near the bottom and find the section.  Find the line that starts with "SResourceArchiveList2=Skyrim" and a list of .bsa files.  Add the update, Dawnguard, Hearth Fires and Dragonborn bsa files to the list with commas and spaces....


SResourceArchiveList2=Skyrim - Voices_en0.bsa, Skyrim - Textures0.bsa, Skyrim - Textures1.bsa, Skyrim - Textures2.bsa, Skyrim - Textures3.bsa, Skyrim - Textures4.bsa, Skyrim - Textures5.bsa, Skyrim - Textures6.bsa, Skyrim - Textures7.bsa, Skyrim - Textures8.bsa, Skyrim - Patch.bsa, Update.bsa, DawnGuard.bsa, HearthFires.bsa, Dragonborn.bsa