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Enhanced Lights and also FX is a superb mod yet has minor defects. ELFX Fixes intends to correct these little annoying problems.

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Mod nameNotes
ELFX Fixes - CHS
ELFX Fixes - Czech
ELFX Fixes - German Translation
ELFX Fixes - Italian translation
ELFX Fixes - polishing Translation
ELFX Fixes - PT-BRMain mod
ELFX Fixes - streamlined Chinese
Enhanced Lights and FX job Deutsch

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Translations obtainable on the Nexus

MandarinAuthor: golgifELFX Fixes - simplified Chinese
MandarinAuthor: IIWindIIELFX Fixes - CHS
ItalianAuthor: Sirlight85 - nicola89bELFX Fixes - Italian translation
PolishAuthor: Patrio77ELFX Fixes - polishing Translation
GermanAuthor: Patrio77ELFX Fixes - German Translation
PortugueseAuthor: RakaelsELFX Fixes - PT-BR
RussianAuthor: wizkid34ELFX Fixes (RUS)
CzechAuthor: DemetriusCZELFX Fixes - Czech

Markarth Understone save now must be light flicker free, even holding a lit torchAdded new fixes come Riften theif Guild and also Ragged FlagonAdded alot of brand-new NIF through splitted meshes, this will help avoid various other flickering light worries in countless other areas (thanks both ra2phoenix and also nicola89b)
Fixed invisible wall and flickering lights issues in Windhelm CandleHearthHallFixed flickering irradiate issues and improved lighting in Dawnstar QuickSilver MineFixed flickering light issues and improved bright in Helgen KeepFixed an invisible food preparation fire in ft DunstadFixed whfireplace01.nif wrong structure path
Fixed and also improved the adhering to interiors:Solitude Winking SkeeverStoneHill MineKarthwasten Sanuarach MineDawnstar Quicksilver MineJorrvaskrFixed all invisible ELFX glow mushroomsThis new updates make magnified Lights and also FX compatible with any type of Blackreach mushroom replacer

Version v5.4.1

Fixed wrong surname for ELFX Fixes Ragged Flagon resolve - SoS Arthmoor version

Version v5.4

Added a FOMOD installerRagged Flagon is currently 100% addressed (Thieves Guild quest stages included)Added Water Reflection solved meshes for ENB users
Fixed all flickering lights concerns inside Riften RatwayFixed a conflict between magnified Lights and also FX and Interensting NPC within Riften Ratway
Fixed flickering light problems in Dawnstar Iron-Breaker MineFixed every single shadow inconsistencies in every Skyrim + DLC interior cells
Fixed all flickering problems in Windhelm royal residence of the Kings.Fixed every flickering worries inside the Ragged Flagon.
Tamriel worldspace and all DLC (Exteriors and Interiors) - fixed tha placement of every solitary misplaced ember inside all cave lamps. You will no much longer see embers coming out of the lamps.This fix also includes every vanilla "cave lamps" no touched by ELFXFixed the exhilaration on the an initial floor of the Solitude Winking Skeever

Version v4.4

Fixed flicker problem in DLC2 RavenRockFixed flicker issue in Markarth Understone Keep

Version v4.3

Fixed a flickering light pest in Whiterun room of the Dead CatacombsFixed the worry present in version 4.2 in Riverwood Sleeping large Inn

Version v4.2

Fixed a absent light and its nature in Riverwood Sleeping huge Inn

Version v4.0

Added default compatibility v Immersive citizens - AI review (ICAIO variation isn"t forced anymore)Fixed an enhanced Lights and also FX concern with room of the Vigilant Exterior whereby a light bulb was visible also with building in regular stateRemoved every interiors ELFX home windows fake lights

Both right donations and premium member donations accepted


Enhanced Lights and FX is a superb mod however has young defects. Some of these shadow related issues can it is in observed mostly inside inns, or for example, within the Riverwood businessman which lacks the cooking pot shadow. Another place is the Blue Palace, infamous for gift plagued by solid light flikering.ELFX Fixes intends to exactly these tiny annoying problems.The images below are just a very small example that the improvements made by ELFX Fixes





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Dowload it and also install through your favourite mode manager, location it prior to ELFXEnhancer.esp yet after Skysan_ELFX_SMIM_Fix.esp. 
100% complatible v every magnified Lights and FX related mod.To protect against flickering lights concerns even in the many "extreme" situations, I extremely recommend you come download and install Flickering Meshes FixA very special many thanks to anamorfus for his exorbitant mod, nicola89b and ra2phoenix for their precious support and for providing plenty of splitted meshes.My various other modsWiZkiD Parallax royal FortsWiZkiD PinewatchLanterns that Skyrim IIWiZkiD Alchemy TableWiZkiD Parallax FarmhousesWiZkiD CarriagesAncient imperial SeptimsWiZkiD Pavo"s HouseTamriel grasp LightsWiZkiD Lootable FireWood PilesSepolcri - A complete funeral Sites overhaulWiZkiD job CompendiumWiZkiD SignsR"s Windmill - DynDOLOD patchELFX - Exterior FixesWiZkiD room of the Dead Stained Glass WindowsSkyrim immersive DetailsSkyrim Landscape and also Water FixesBlacksmith forge Water deal with - Arthmoor Rorikstead and The autumn of Granite HillUnderwater Visibility settle (Wavy Waters version)The notification Board SMIM 3D Ropes Fix