Kingsdown Sleep come Live Collection

The mattresses in the Sleep to Live Collection through Kingsdown room as individual as the customers who buy them. No surprise! Customers select their Sleep to Live mattresses by making use of the bedMATCH diagnostic system.

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- Scientifically recommended support

The bedMATCH device determines the finest mattress for a person"s needs and preferences, taking right into account body kind and resting position. Kingsdown"s description of the device says, "Using 18 statistics measurements, over 1,000 scientific calculations and also the information you provide around your sleep preferences, bedMATCH identifies the optimal postural support and also pressure relief for her body."

The function of bedMATCH is to get past several minute of trying a mattress ~ above the showroom floor by calculating native measurable determinants which affect ones high quality of sleep. The agency cites the difference in support needs in between being awake and being totally relaxed. Or, as Kingsdown says, "Let science identify the best bed for you." A description of just how bedMATCH functions is ~ above the Kingsdown website.

A. Climatouch Fiber: cushioning layer that helps maintain an ideal sleep temperature B. Gel / Graphite latex foam: cooling pressure-relief C. Foam Coils: designed for amplified support and also exceptional push relief D. Gel storage Foam Lumbar Support: conforming assistance with cooling services of gel E. Individually sheathe Coils: for personalized assistance that matches your bedMATCH� recommendation


There space several significant features common to Sleep to Live Collection mattresses. Details that these features (for circumstances thickness, density and also placement) are adjusted as mentioned by the bedMATCH diagnostic system.

Scientifically-recommended Support � This refers specifically to the bedMATCH system. The version names for the mattresses relate to the bedMATCH recommendations. There are 5 numbered series�200, 300, 400, 600, 800�and four levels that support�Gold (plush), Green (medium plush), Blue (medium firm) and Red (extra firm). Few of these parameters differ among retailers; for instance, with one retailer the plush mattresses space Tan rather of Gold. As to the series, the shortest mattresses room in the 200 Series, and also the greatest in 800.

Specialized Lumbar support BandKingsdown"s Sleep to Live mattresses have actually a lumbar assistance band in the center of the mattress. Created of either latex or gel-infused memory foam, this band is over there to provide critical support to the reduced back.

Gel-infused memory Foams v Airflow � supplied in at least some that the Sleep to Live models, memory foam infused v gel is just one of the options in the dedicated lumbar support band. The function of the storage foam is conformity come the shape of the target area while gel disperses warm for dissipation. Not stated in the descriptions, this may be one of two people the enlarge longer-memory variation of memory kind or the newer short-memory version with quicker recovery.

Latex Foam with Graphite and Gel Infusions � Latex foam is a highly sturdy material which may be all organic (from rubber tree sap), synthetic latex, or a blend. Latex at or near the peak of the mattress may be infused v gel or graphite for intensified durability, support and also cooling.

High Coil CountsKingsdown claims that the coil counts in Sleep come Live mattresses lead the bedding industry. The added coils and greater coil density serve for more precise conformity in the assistance (for more pressure relief) and also a longer lifetime for the mattress. The intial goal of a high coil count is deeper, more restful sleep for restoration.

Individually covering Coils in the Innerspring � wrapped coils, also called pocket coils (or Marshall coils), were designed to relax presure ~ above joints (especially soulders and hips) while supporting the middle and also lower spine. Together an added benefit, bag coils likewise minimize the deliver of activity from one next of the bed to the other, for this reason that as soon as you obtain into or out of bed (or simply turn over), your sleeping partner snoozes undisturbed.


Foam Coils � This is a new development. Foam coils are also found in Kingsdown"s Elliptica Collection. These foam springs, coupled with the wire coil innerspring, make Sleep to Live actual hybrid mattresses.

Cooling Fibers � gel fibers and Climatouch fiber are supplied in the peak of the Sleep come Live mattress because that temperature control. Gelatin conducts warm away indigenous the surface ar for dissipation, however the to work of Climatouch is, because that now, undescribed.

Full body Surround� edge Support � This is foam encasement, a wall of foam approximately the mattress. There room actually 2 foam walls: one approximately the innerspring, and also the other roughly the foam coils. These protect the coils and likewise support the edge of the sleeping surface. This enables the peak of the mattress to be supplied clear the end to the edges through no roll off because of a sagging edge.

Kingsdown walk not describe the covering of a Sleep to Live mattress, however the photos disclose a Damask fabric on the height panel through either tufting or tack-and-jump quilting. The upper side panels (borders) space smoother and also visibly breathable, if the lower boundaries are vertically quilted in a pattern of columns. This lower cloth is likewise apparently Damask.

The default structure for a Sleep to Live mattress is a timber base v a flat or closely-slatted height which is upholstered to complement the mattress. That is called a "box spring" by some retailers, also though there are no springs in the (this is continued intake from the original box springs). These mattresses are additionally compatible with adjustable and platform Old-style box springs space not advisable through pocket coils, but an progressed design torsion-bar box spring, such as the Semi-Flex through Leggett & Platt, is suitable.

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Sleep to Live individualized mattresses are covered through Kingsdown through a 10-year warranty. Kingsdown does not list a sleep trial period�that is left come the retailers. A Sleep to Live mattress can be prescribed and also ordered at any retailer who has a bedMATCH station.