Update November 8, 3:45 p.m.: Users to be reporting having trouble seeing any type of stories at every on Wednesday. Customers on Twitter to be reporting concerns loading stories, the town hall stories and seeing story from individuals they did not follow. 


Update October 12, 4:08 p.m.: A new Snapchat upgrade has readjusted whether users can see who"s perceived their story. Customers were complain on Twitter that rather of see a full list the Snapchat girlfriend who regarded their story they were seeing a quick list of surname accompanied by "+" and then the number of additional friend who had actually viewed it. 

Users weren"t happy with the adjust and to be tweeting in ~ Snapchat"s assistance account to complain about the change. The account to be responding and asking customers to give much more information around the complaint. It was unclear whether or no Snapchat had actively made the adjust or whether it was the an outcome of a glitch.

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Original story: Snapchat individuals were frustrated Thursday afternoon as soon as they opened the app to discover that they could no much longer see who had viewed their posted Snapchat stories.

Users were acquisition to Twitter to air your concerns and anger about the change. And many of them to be blaming a new update because that the change.

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Snapchat mine Story Views: how To watch Who perceived Your Snapchat Story

Usually if you click on your story, and swipe increase a food selection will appear. There have to be one eye icon, a screenshot icon, a trash can and a download icon. If you pick the eye symbol a list of world who have actually viewed her story appears.

But something taken place on Thursday that changed this. Users were report that when they clicked on the eye icon, all they would view was a number representing exactly how many human being had viewed the story, however no names.

It’s currently unclear whether it to be an update that resulted in the readjust or a glitch and also whether or no it was permanent.

Here’s what users had to say.

And this is what customers were seeing instead of who regarded their story.

Some individuals were threaten to protect against using the app, v story features included on Instagram and Facebook, they would have actually other platforms to use.

Snapchat was responding come upset customers via your
SnapchatSupport Twitter account. They were advising individuals to restart their devices and then shot the application again.

This trick appeared to be functioning for some customers who claimed they might see the list again, however not for others.

IBT reached out come Snapchat around this adjust in the application but had actually not gained a solution by the moment this article was published.

Update: In a statement to International business Times Snapchat said that the adjust was make in March. An ext information around how to watch who has actually viewed her story on Snapchat have the right to be viewed on the company"s website.


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