A most Snapchat users have actually complained, claiming that sound isn’t working on your app. Because that example, they can play a Snap video clip or a Snapchat story and don’t hear any type of sound. This has actually become a really common problem throughout all other social media platforms as well (Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

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Reboot her Phone

In instance none of these methods have actually done the trick for you, just reboot her phone. It might be that your phone’s cache storage has come to be full or that there’s miscellaneous wrong v your phone’s operating mechanism (Android or iOS).

By rebooting her phone, you will certainly refresh its short-term memory and likewise fix momentary bugs.

App Permissions

Whether you’re using iPhone or Android, head over to her phone’s settings and also make certain that the Microphone permissions space on. If you’re having actually trouble record audio, or even if girlfriend can’t hear it, rotate the permissions on and restart the application.


Safe setting will aid you to narrow down the source of the difficulty as it disables all third-party software program on her phone. If your sounds work-related in Safe mode start deleting unfamiliar applications, reboot the phone as you usually would, and check Snapchat again.

Still No Sound?

You’ve tried everything and also still, no sound is coming from your phone. This is most likely a hardware issue. Her speakers may need cleaning (just use a soft-bristled brush to clean the speaker), your phone’s case may interfere through the noise (take the situation off even if you’ve had it on for a while), or take it it to a specialist to have actually a brand-new speaker installed.

Fixing the difficulty – The App

Assuming every one of your various other applications space working properly, we should emphasis on the Snapchat application.

Updating Snapchat

As pointed out above, an app that is not correctly updated might experience glitches and also bugs. If there is an option to update the app then execute so. Nearby the app and restart that to watch if the sound is working.


Either way, uninstall and download the app again. This won’t delete your Snapchat account and everything will be the same as that was. The only distinction is the you will immediately download the latest variation of the app.

Ask Snapchat for Help

By visiting the settings within the app you have the right to report an problem directly come Snapchat. Simply tap on her profile icon in the top right-hand edge then tap the setups cog in the top right-hand corner. Role down and tap ‘I spotted a Bug’ or shake to report the issue.


This is especially useful if certain sounds are not working (like your Bitmoji sounds). Submit the report by filling out all of the details and Snapchat will certainly respond with much more troubleshooting advice or a useful solution.

Turn the Volume Up then Down

Several customers who have this issue have stated that clicking the Volume Up switch then click the Volume Down switch instantly resolved the issue. Although we don’t have actually some an extremely technical explanation because that why this works, it appears to be a an excellent solution.

Use her phone’s volume buttons to make the app aware the you room trying come listen. When it understands the it requirements to carry out you v sound, it must start functioning without having actually to reinstall the app, clean the cache, etc.

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Snapchat Sound Restored

Sound difficulties in Snapchat are an extremely common, yet they room also very easily solvable. Hopefully, among the methods defined in this article has assisted fix the issue and you have the right to once again hear sound in Snapchat.

Do you know of part other possible causes that Snapchat sound issues? If so, do you likewise know just how it have the right to be fixed? Share her tips in the comment below.