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Large family members Items

Jefferson County citizens may fall off up to three large household items at the Waste palliation Center, 636 Meriwether Avenue because that FREE. (Examples: appliance, mattress, sofa, etc.) Hours: Tuesday - Friday 8 a.m. To 5 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. To 3 p.m. 
Find your set out dates and sign up because that reminders on the Recycle Coach app! watch this accuse if you require help:
If girlfriend live outside that the Urban solutions District, call your garbage hauler for info about huge item collection.

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If friend live in our community Cleanliness Pilot area in Smoketown/Shelby Park, use the scheduling system. Check out map and much more information at


Accepted items for big Item Collection 

Furniture & family members ItemsCouch, chair, table, buffet, bed, dresser, box spring, mattress, floor lamp, crib, playhouses, carpet roll, etc.



Metal ItemsWashers, dryer, stoves, hot water tanks, bicycles, bed frames, etc. (No refrigerators or other items comprise or as soon as containing coolant.)



All items need to come from family members where they are collection out.


Items NOT accepted in huge Item Collection

Small item - loose, bagged or boxedDispose in weekly garbage or recycling collection. Construction & Demolition Waste

Lumber, drywall, cabinets, roofing material, toilets, sinks, flooring, etc. This items can be disposed of at the garbage Reduction center (fees apply).

Concrete, bricks, and also rocks. These items deserve to be disposed of at a facility specializing in this kind of waste. (The garbage Reduction center does no accept concrete, bricks, or rock.) 


Yard garbage & Tree Trunks Use weekly garden Waste arsenal for limbs and also tree trimmings, follow garden Waste guidelines. Garden waste not meeting those guidelines deserve to be disposed of at the Waste palliation Center (fees apply).
ElectronicsRecycle TVs and also other electronic devices at 636 Meriwether Avenue. View list of accepted items. 
 Hazardous WasteMotor oil, batteries, paint, gasoline, antifreeze, irradiate bulbs, or chemicals. Drop turn off at HazBin, 7501 class Lane.


 Items include or as soon as containing coolantRefrigerators, wait conditioners, and other items containing or when containing coolant. Drop off these items at the Waste palliation Center (up come 3 have the right to be dropped off for free). Automotive PartsIncluding boats, motorcycles, and also mopeds.



Plan ahead because that disposal!

Renovating or remodeling? Don"t start the demolition procedure until you make a plan for disposing of the resulting debris. Construction and also demolition debris room prohibited by ordinance in Louisville garbage and big item collection. Collection crews will mark the material and leave a an alert at the residence. So, what deserve to you carry out with construction debris?

One option for disposing of construction and also demolition debris is come haul it to our garbage Reduction center on Meriwether Avenue. Fees are variable depending upon volume. An ext information and also a fees schedule are available here.

A 2nd option for large volumes that debris is to rental a hauling company. Often, a pickup truck can get the task done in a solitary trip. For also larger volumes, part hauling providers will drop turn off a big dumpster at your home and then retrieve it after you"re excellent filling it.



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