One brilliant male is being hailed for creating the ultimate Spotify party playlist: song That gain Drunk White girls Excited. 

Pregaming the club with shots of Smirnoff? Chase v some dancing to Usher’s above “Yeah.” currently wasted from shotgunning eight Natty Lights? Shotgun your nine to some vintage Kanye West like “The new Workout Plan.”

The genius behind that is Sean Branton, a 23-year-old that works at an proclaiming tech startup. He originally came up v it 2 years ago, while he to be still at school at university of Pennsylvania, for a Flag day party.

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“I choose to think that if Betsy Ross to be still alive today, these room the songs the she would be partying come while pour it until it is full up on vodka sodas,” he speak the day-to-day Dot.

Branton’s piece of melodic art began gaining heavy steam a couple of months back when it was posted on Reddit. That went native a couple of thousand followers to an ext than 15,000 in simply a couple of weeks.

A thoughtful curator, Branton knows far better than come pigeonhole the stereotypical drunk white girl into just being right into one style.

“I definitely try to mix up the genres. There’s some rap, country, and also EDM, along with some oldies. Pretty lot if ns hear a song and also immediately start boogieing, it’s in,” Branton says around his an innovative process. “If ns hear a track that renders me want to shove a knife right into my ear, i drink 7 beers, and also if ns still desire to boogie after all, I placed it in twice. That’s what happened with ‘Timber."”

And when “Songs That acquire Drunk White girl Excited” incorporate bangers native the likes of Kesha and Carly Rae Jepsen, the whole suggest of the playlist is to do it fun for everyone—not just drunk white girls. There’s some hardcore rap mixed in, in addition to the likes of Lil Wayne and Ludacris. 

“Everybody gets the it’s simply a funny joke. Nobody watch it together a piece of sex politics,” Branton says.

As for his favorites to rotate up to, there are definitely some tracks that standout because that him, prefer “Salt Shaker” from the Ying Yang Twins and Lil Jon, Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me,” and one hit wonder LMNT’s one hit, “Hey Juliet.”

But the playlist isn’t reserved specifically for partying. As soon as the daily Dot talked to Braton, he had actually been listening come it earlier that day. That listens come it every the time, that said, due to the fact that it has actually something for every feeling or moment you’re trying come hit.

A few weeks ago, the got an e-mail from someone at Fetty Wap’s label asking if castle could add some of the “Trap Queen” king’s tracks to the playlist. According to Branton, the writer the the email dubbed him a “modern DJ break the industry’s ideal artists.”

He didn’t respond since he didn’t think something was yes, really going come come indigenous it. Perhaps he need to have.

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“But this might be the huge career break for me. This could be my calling,” he jokes.