South Park: The Fractured But Whole does not release until tomorrow, yet you can begin preparing for it right currently. Below, you will certainly discover a arsenal of episodes worth watching prior to embarking on The New Kid"s latest adundertaking. These particular episodes will serve as refreshers for some of the personalities and also assorted referential jokes featured prominently in the game.

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Seaboy 6, Episode 6: “Professor Chaos”Butters and his Professor Chaos persona are a huge part of The Fractured But Whole. This is the episode wbelow Butters created the change ego.

Seachild 7, Episode 5: "Fat Butt and also Pancake Head"A South Park character we haven"t heard much from lately is presented below. It would certainly be great to remember who they are.


Seachild 12, Episode 3: "Major Boobage"This episode introduces the concept of "cheesing," which is somepoint the children enrespond to in The Fractured But Whole.

Seaboy 12, Episode 13: "Elementary School Musical"This episode is notable for presenting a reasonably minor character named Scott Malkinson. Malkinkid and also his superhero alter ego, Captain Diabetes, play a much larger function in the game.


Season 13, Episode 5: “Fishsticks”Kanye West appears in this episode, acquiring significantly frustrated by a joke he does not understand. Trey Parker teased West’s inclusion on phase at E3 2016, so it would certainly be a good idea to remember just how he made his means into South Park lore.

Season 13, Episode 2: “The Coon”This is the episode where Cartman"s change ego, The Coon, is introduced, in addition to Mysterion. The episode serves as a spoof of many kind of of the well-known superhero films of the time, like Watchguys and The Dark Knight.


Seachild 14, Episodes 11, 12, & 13: "Coon 2: Hindsight", "Mysterion Rises", and also "Coon vs. Coon and also Friends"Season 14’s three-component run has actually the many direct line to Fractured, as it introduces virtually every one of the hero transform egos that show up in the game. It outlines everyone’s abilities, consisting of which youngsters have actually real powers and which ones are just pretending.

Seaboy 15, Episode 14: "The Poor Kid"Though not a mainline Coon episode, “The Poor Kid” features Mysterion (Kenny’s alter-ego) as he confronts his family’s poverty and also helps his younger sister.


Seakid 19, Episode 1: "Stunning and Brave"PC Principal is introduced in this episode, that plays a small role in Fractured But Whole.


Seakid 19, Episode 6: "Tweek x Craig"“Tweek x Craig” explores yaoi, the Japanese art form concentrated specifically on romantic relationships in between male characters. In the episode, Tweek and also Craig come to be unwilling subjects of yaoi art, and also that forced connection exhas a tendency into Fractured.

Season 19, Episode 10: "COMPUTER Principal Final Justice"Classi and the strange way in which she spells her name is introduced here. She provides an appearance in Fractured.


Seachild 20, Episode 1: "Member Berries"Remember this episode? It was a good one.

Season 21, Episode 4: "Franchise Prequel"As the name suggests, this episode serves as a prequel of sorts for the game. It eventually does not make canonical sense considering Stick of Truth is supposed to take place appropriate before the game, yet canon has always been fluid in South Park.

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