Premium package 69 .95 as much as 15 mbps down / 2 mbps Up No data boundaries Excellent because that streaming entertainment Optimized for virtual gaming
progressed Package 99 .95 approximately 25 mbps under / 5 mbps Up No data limits Perfect for households Robust connection for countless online gadgets
can be fried Package 129 .95 approximately 50 mbps down / 10 mbps Up No data limits Massive bandwidth Optimal connection for any kind of purpose
Prices offered do not include taxes and fees.Not available in every locations.

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Speed of light Broadband is now excited to sell a brand-new managed router business to every one of our customers. We carry out and download the router and support it for a tiny monthly organization charge. If the router dies, we replace it v a brand-new one.

Having a speed of irradiate Broadband regulated router also enables us to gain much much more information around connectivity through your web connection, so difficulties are less complicated to resolve and also can be tackled with much less hassle for you.

We understand that your privacy is vital - our regulated routers carry out not sample or monitor your data, just the quality of connectivity.

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Business Solutions

For the modern-day business, the web is an pure necessity. Logistics, windy relations, and communication have actually long since shifted right into the online world, and also keeping up through the pace of sector in the age of information requires a dependable online backbone. Rate of light Broadband has a proven track document of offering excellent service to local businesses. Our commercial clients variety from the home organization to central hubs for major enterprises. With among the optimal fiber optic backbones in the civilization backing ours network, we are able to lug the best possible service to her business.

company Standard 119 .95 approximately 15 mbps down / 3 mbps Up No data boundaries Excellent an option for house office & little business service priority assistance One complimentary Public IP address
Business progressed 149 .95 up to 25 mbps down / 5 mbps Up No data limits Extra bandwidth to fulfill your business" needs organization priority assistance One complimentary Public IP resolve
company Premium 179 .95 as much as 50 mbps under / 10 mbps Up No data borders High bandwidth for the linked business company priority support One totally free Public IP resolve
Prices given do not incorporate taxes and fees. Not obtainable in all locations. call Speed that Light because that details.

Speed of light Broadband additionally offers Voice end IP telephone business (generally dubbed VOIP) - bringing girlfriend clear, secure phone business using your internet link instead of classic phone lines. Through your VOIP connection, you obtain a phone call adapter that deserve to be offered with any type of conventional telephone, and unlimited voicemail warehouse on our secure servers.

We offer VOIP packages for the home and business user.

VoIP company (With Internet) 17 .00 unlimited Minutes Caller i would Voicemail 911 service Multiple heat Discounts accessible
VoIP service (Without Internet) 24 .95 unlimited Minutes Caller identifier Voicemail 911 company Multiple line Discounts obtainable
Prices offered do not encompass tax and also fees. Not accessible in all locations.

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Enterprise Solutions

Speed of irradiate Broadband has actually the modern technology in place to take your company to the next level. Past our an easy business plan above, we room able to sell you symmetrical bandwidth relationships from 10 mbps down/up all the way up to 100mpbs down/up. Our enterprise relations are donate by fiber-optic technology, offer priority support and also are tradition fit to your business’ individual needs. Call us because that details, and let rate of irradiate Broadband aid you prosper your empire.


Municipal Solutions

At speed of light Broadband, serving communities is a great part of our passion. Farming with local areas has been the structure of our business, and has been essential to our expansion as a company. We have considerable experience serving municipalities in the phibìc Texas area, including the cities of Pilot Point, Sanger, Aubrey, Gunter and Ponder. Our internet service connects communities to essential services such together fire, police and also community centers. We think in phibìc Texas communities. Let speed of light broadband take her city services right into the digital future. Contact us for more details!