A usual error encountered by civilization trying to install Spotify, the famous music streaming service, ~ above Windows, is the so-called Error 17. This article describes just how to settle Spotify can not be started error password 17.

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Method 1: allow the app Through home windows Firewall

If you were able to download Spotify and also an error shows up when the regimen starts, then there room several options for addressing this problem in the windows operating mechanism without the must use a third-party software.

Firewall might be impede Spotify. To deal with this, you require to include an permit rule to this system component.

Open the “Firewall & network protection” via find bar;
Click top top “Allow an application through firewall”;
Press “Change settings”;
In the list of programs, discover Spotify and also check the boxes because that it under the Private and also Public columns. If it’s lacking here, click on the “Allow one more app …” switch and include it manually.

Method 2: transforming the Country

Sometimes Spotify does not work as result of some local issues. Many likely, this is due to restrictions one of two people in the country itself or in the program. In any kind of case, this can conveniently solved by an altering the country in the Spotify profile settings.

Please keep in mind that the place of menu items and also icons might be slightly various due come the website update, but the principle of procedure will remain the same.

Log in v your account.Click on “Profile” → “Account”.Click top top the “Country” list and edit it.
Save the changes and re-login the applications again.

Method 3: installing via for sure Mode

The underlying reason of this concern is still unknown, however there is a way to get around it, i m sorry is by installing Spotify after starting Windows in safe Mode. The adhering to tutorial will guide you through the procedure and hopefully help with other worries as well.

Step 1: Download the complete Spotify installer package

You will most likely want to spend as little time as possible in Safe mode (which is an inexplicable experience, throughout which a lot of attributes don’t work and also the display resolution is yes, really low), that is best to download the full Spotify installer package before getting on with anything else. It’s additionally a an excellent idea to leave the installer package what you deserve to easily access it, choose the desktop.

Step 2: publish out this instructions or have them accessible on another machine (optional)

We can’t stress and anxiety this enough: Safe setting is a strange experience, for this reason accessing the info you are currently reading might be a little bit more difficult than friend think. That’s why it is best to either print these instructions, or have actually the attach open ~ above another an equipment like a laptop or a smartphone.

Step 3: Restart the computer system in safe Mode

As you can imagine, every this restarting in safe Mode organization is the most important and most complex part of the fix. Every you need to do following is operation the Spotify installer did you do it downloaded earlier, which must be a item of cake – and also should most likely work this time without a hitch.

If the error tho occurs, shot rebooting your computer in safe Mode, only this time don’t select the version with Networking.

There have actually been worries with WiFi drivers causing problems with the installer, therefore this could do the trick. The downside is you have the ability to test Spotify, since you i will not ~ have any internet access.

Step 5: Restart your computer

To get ago to typical mode, merely restart her computer and Windows will go back to its default settings automatically.

Step 6: gain your music!

Certainly no a procedure you desire to go with every time you install something, but hopefully it worked and you can now reap the music streamed with Spotify, like millions of other people from about the world.

Method 4: clean the Registry

Quite a rare way, however sometimes it can help. Moreover, the is certain simple.

It so wake up that home windows accumulates broken registry keys, where program documents are stored, and does no clean castle themselves. Then programs that do it efficiently and also quickly involved the rescue. Among these is CCleaner.

Download, install and also run CCleaner.Go come the it is registered section and also click “Scan because that Issues”.
Upon completion of the scan, click “Fix selected problems …”. Key backups have the right to be omitted.Wait for the procedure to complete and also close the program.

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After that, try running Spotify again.