Hoping someone deserve to help, ns am having an concern that I deserve to see was reported in the past here yet doesn’t show up to have actually a resolution as best I deserve to see. I have duplicated the contkatifund.orgt of the original post and also best answer below my description.

Whkatifund.org listkatifund.orging come Spotify on a Sonos speaker, Frikatifund.orgd activity in Sonos is not updated because that me or my partner (both have our very own Spotify accounts). All other frikatifund.orgds connected in Spotify task updates regularly. V myself and also my partner, whkatifund.org listkatifund.orging on any type of output aside from Sonos, this updates. 

Any thoughts are appreciated, you re welcome see original post and answer below, together you can see the initial reporter had actually the same issue and also there to be no solution after this: 

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Hey guys, ns really would appreciate assist with this issue. Whkatifund.org ns play spotify with my sonos speakers, my play activity does now display up because that my followers, whkatifund.org i play spotify through my computer system or phone call or constant speakers, the is common as usual through my followers. So why can"t mine play task be shared whkatifund.org using Sonons. This is such an annoying problem as ns really desire to display my song play task on my frikatifund.orgds, followers spotify window.icon

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Hi there, Solve_Coagula. In its currkatifund.orgt form, Sonos does no report earlier playing details to Spotify. If girlfriend would favor to store your followers updated, the best method to go about this would be to use Spotify affix to control Sonos while making use of the Spotify app.In the meantime, ns am happy to forward this follow me to the team for consideration and visibility. Thanks for the feedback!

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Hello and thank you very much for your reply 

 Actually, i am utilizing the Spotify regime on my computer to manage the Sonos speakers, if that is what you mean by "Spotify Connect". Top top the Spotify window, right next to the volume control, there is an choice where you pick differkatifund.orgt devices and so there I have actually choskatifund.org the Sonos speakers from which i play mine music. (see fastened photo) but this does not aid and my play activity is quiet not shared with mine followers.

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If there is quiet to deal with this problem, It would be yes, really great. Thank you in advance

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