"After upgrading to the latest Spotify app on mine phone, ns noticed the every time the lately downloaded songs get completely deleted from my Spotify account. Ns can"t uncover them from the phone, no one the SD card storage. Whereby did the music go? Any method to get them back?"


Many Premium users of Spotify might have encountered the same trouble now and also then. Specifically, for the downloaded songs or playlists, some might be greyed out and also unaccessible, or even fully disappeared after ~ a while when you went ago to play them. Why did that happen? Well, over there are countless reasons that could cause the unanticipated deletion of those download songs on Spotify. Below we"ll list the most possible causes one by one, while providing the ultimate settle for you to stop Spotify offline songs from disappearing any kind of more.

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Part 1. Why do Spotify conserved Songs Disappear?

The loss of Spotify offline songs might be caused by different reasons favor below:

1. Girlfriend may have actually logged into a dorn Spotify account

Although it"s unlikely to happen, you are still said to examine whether you have actually logged into the exactly Spotify account which conserved the offline song or playlists, in instance you have actually registered lot of Spotify accounts before.

2. The initial songs/playlists were deleted by the artist or creator

This mostly happens come the songs or playlists that space greyed out after you"ve downloaded into your account. In this case, it"s probably because that the artist or the creator has actually permanently deleted the monitor for part reason.

3. Your downloads exceed the 10,000 number limit

As Spotify only enables Premium individuals to download approximately 10,000 monitor on 3 devices in total, girlfriend should inspect whether you have hit the limit or not. If so, Spotify will delete the formerly downloaded songs immediately when girlfriend are including some brand-new tracks. Normally, you"ll be i found it by Spotify through a warning message when you got to the number limit.

Besides, come verify your premium membership, girlfriend are compelled to log into your account online every 30 days. Otherwise, the downloaded songs would certainly disappear from your Spotify.

4. Something gained wrong with your web connection

While you are saving any track or playlist offline ~ above Spotify, an energetic Internet connection is required. Therefore you should confirm the network runs well when you are downloading and install the songs from Spotify. Otherwise friend should attach it and download the songs again.

In various other cases, the previously downloaded song could end up being unavailable ~ above Spotify if you readjusted the region of your VPN network. That"s because some Spotify songs are not enabled in particular countries and regions. To access the music again, you should readjust your VPN network settings.

Part 2. Just how to deal with Spotify songs Disappeared Issue

Unfortunately, we can"t cover every the reasons and solutions to prevent the deletion the Spotify songs. Yet the far better news is that we have the right to fix the "Spotify song disappeared" problem permanently through some easy tricks.

First that all, you should number out wherein the song go once they space downloaded native Spotify. In fact, friend don"t "own" the music also if you have actually saved the offline. When you space doing this, you only "rent" those songs from Spotify as you have the right to only beat them within Spotify app. You can"t then take the offline files and use lock elsewhere. In other words, the "downloaded" Spotify songs might keep disappearing occasionally, making you frustrated every now and also then.

Keep Spotify song Forever: What tool You"ll Need

To stop the Spotify offline songs from disappearing, all you"ll require is a one-of-a-kind Spotify music tool referred to as ViWizard Spotify Music Converter. It"s a well-designed Spotify downloader that deserve to download and save Spotify tracks, playlists and also albums as MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, etc. For both premium and free plans. It"s able to remove the ads indigenous Spotify while keeping the ID3 tags and 320kbps bitrate of the tracks.

With this tool, you are able come get full ownership the the downloaded Spotify songs and keep them as long as you favor in Spotify library or various other devices, without worrying around they could expire or disappear someday.


Now let"s obtain started to obtain the problem totally fixed through the aid of ViWizard Spotify Music Converter.

Step 1. launch ViWizard Spotify Converter and wait it spins it lots the Spotify app. Climate find any type of song or playlist you desire to download. Traction the file to ViWizard key window.


Step 2. go to top menu and choose "Preferences". Then click "Convert" section and select calculation format and other settings, consisting of channel, bit rate and also sample rate.


Step 3.

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When every little thing is done, click "Convert" button to start downloading Spotify songs offline as MP3 or various other formats. After that, you can find the downloaded songs from history folder. It rotates now, you room able to save or re-publishing Spotify offline song on any machine forever.